New York Divorce Attorney Juan Luciano Sheds Light on One Signature Divorces in New York

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New York Divorce Attorney Juan Luciano Sheds Light on One Signature Divorces in New York

September 21
21:24 2023
New York Divorce Attorney Juan Luciano Sheds Light on One Signature Divorces in New York

Juan Luciano (, a distinguished New York divorce attorney, has recently published an insightful article titled ‘What Is One Signature Divorce in New York?’. The article provides comprehensive information about a relatively less understood aspect of divorce law: the option to proceed with a divorce even without the signature of one spouse.

In the first few lines of the article, the New York divorce attorney lays out a common predicament: “What happens if you want to divorce your spouse, but you don’t know where they are, or they have failed to or refused to respond to a summons?” This circumstance may seem daunting, but Luciano assures that it is possible to navigate such a situation within the New York legal system.

New York divorce attorney Juan Luciano, adds, “While divorce can be a messy process in the best of cases, it can further complicate matters when one spouse is not locatable or refuses to cooperate.” Luciano’s firm offers assistance to individuals facing such circumstances, providing guidance on how to file for divorce without the signature of a spouse.

In his article, Luciano explains that New York law allows for a divorce with only one spouse’s signature, often referred to as a “no signature required” divorce. However, this doesn’t mean that the process is devoid of due diligence. “All reasonable measures must be taken to locate and notify your spouse of your intention to divorce,” asserts Luciano. This ensures that the other party has the opportunity to hire a lawyer or prepare their defense.

Luciano delves into the specifics of the legal process involved when a spouse cannot be located or refuses to cooperate. He details the protocol for serving divorce papers, the appropriate response time, and what happens when a spouse defaults. He also explains the concept of serving by publication, which can be utilized when a spouse is untraceable.

In outlining the process of obtaining a divorce without the other person’s signature, Luciano emphasizes the importance of adhering to each step meticulously. He notes, “The court must be satisfied that the other party was properly served and had enough time and opportunity to respond.” Luciano further stresses that issues like property division, child custody, and spousal support must be adequately addressed.

The article also covers the necessity of proving that reasonable efforts have been made to locate the absent spouse. Luciano suggests maintaining detailed records of all contact attempts and investigations, and preparing for the possibility of publishing a notice of divorce in the newspaper if the spouse remains unresponsive.

The final thoughts of the article provide reassurance to those facing a challenging divorce situation. Luciano states, “Filing for divorce is never pleasant but having the right legal counsel to guide you through can help.” His team at Juan Luciano Divorce Attorney is committed to supporting clients every step of the way.

Wrapping up the discussion, Luciano’s article serves as a beacon of hope for those grappling with the complexities of a one-signature divorce in New York. It meticulously demystifies the process and emphasizes the importance of having competent legal counsel.

For more insights, read the full article on ‘What Is One Signature Divorce in New York?’.

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