Aaron Pollock and his guitar – Where they’ve been and what they’ve seen

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Aaron Pollock and his guitar – Where they’ve been and what they’ve seen

May 26
16:12 2023
Australian musician ‘Aaron Pollock’ talks travel and living the blues after releasing his sixth studio album ‘Delta Hotel’.

Pictured: Aaron Pollock with his beloved Martin D28 guitar.

Aaron Pollock began as a traveling itinerant musician throughout his home country of Australia. On the cusp of turning 27 years of age, Aaron talks of how perseverance and non-stop performing led him to be able to travel the world as an original artist, picking up a numerous amount of special awards and achievements along the way.

Aaron was a recent finalist at the ‘International Blues Challenge’ in Memphis, Tennessee, after winning the MBAS Melbourne Blues Challenge in his home city of Melbourne, Victoria. 

At only 22 years old, his journey to Memphis was featured in a documentary alongside blues musician ‘Bobby Rush’ titled ‘Blues On Beale’, following his progress from Australia to the world stage. He has since received nominations for ‘Best Blues Act’ and ‘Best Blues Album’ in his home state of Victoria.

“’I remember the first time I decided that I would hit the road and become a full time performer. I remember the day I drove home from quitting my job, half excited and half nauseated at how I was going to earn a full time wage as a 19-year-old musician. That was 8 years ago, and I’ve never regretted a minute of taking that leap”. 

Pictured: Pollock in Seattle, Washington 2023

Pollock went on to release six studio albums, backed by Australian wide tours at some of Australia’s biggest blues venues and festivals, to eventually travelling the United States, Central America and South America, proudly performing solely with just his voice, fingerpicking guitar style and one guitar cable.

He also mentioned that his recordings, promotion and social media are all completely independent, spending all hours of his days dedicated to keeping his dream and passion alive.

“By taking the leap of hitting the road with just myself and my guitar, we’ve been able to see some of the most amazing sites and meet some of the most amazing people across America and beyond. From shows in the middle of the desert in Arizona, to private islands in the Bahamas, or the smallest towns of Alaska, we’ve always looked after each other”

Aaron performs with his beloved ‘Martin D28’ guitar, from which he purchased from his father in 2009. “I call these guitars the ‘Toyotas’ of acoustic guitars – they need to be played and run in. They were advertised to me as the real workingman’s guitar, and this one has completely lived up to its name. Its forgiven me too many times for mistreating it” laughed Aaron.

Aaron has just released a new album titled ‘Delta Hotel’, a stripped back commentary of his travels across the USA, specifically during his time in the Mississippi Delta. 

Listen to Aaron Pollock’s new album here:


“I finally feel content as an artist, for the first time, releasing what I feel as my most honest and personal record by a mile – or a country mile at that” Aaron mentions.

“It is the journal of a starry eyed kid that got to drive the open roads of Mississippi whilst watching the sun go down around him. It’s the memory of drinking and playing guitar at Robert Johnson’s grave, and everything else in between.

Pollock’s new album was supported by a promotional single release ‘So Many Good Things’, which has been his most popular release to date. 

Aaron is in the process of planning an international tour between his home country of Australia and the United States, where his dedicated audience continues to grow and follow his journey.

Become part of his journey by viewing his website below:


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