Chibuzo Obiefuna, Successful Model, Explores His Niche Outside Modeling

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Chibuzo Obiefuna, Successful Model, Explores His Niche Outside Modeling

January 24
22:36 2023

Working in the entertainment industry can be a busy lifestyle, but just as quickly as it gets busy it can also get quiet. That is why it is important to stay prepared during the off-season. Chibuzo “Chibby” Obiefuna has been leading a successful modeling career since 2020, and while this has always been his dream, Obiefuna understands that the industry is filled with rejection and instability. 

With a degree in environmental science from the University of Oklahoma, Obiefuna has been able to sustain a career in environmental health and safety since graduating in 2016. He is currently working full-time at the College of Engineering in Long Beach, California.

Chibby Obiefuna has a firm belief that having a happy lifestyle means always keeping an open mind. He encourages any newcomers to the modeling industry to do the same, and to go with the flow of work as it comes. 

To maintain his creative side, Obiefuna spends the bulk of his free time improving himself and exploring new outlets for his creativity. Recently, Obiefuna has been practicing photography not only to improve his photo shoot and self-tape skills but to also strengthen his skills as a photographer.

“Who’s to say I won’t start taking pictures for other people,” says Chibby Obiefuna.

It was a photographer friend who helped him find his way in the industry, and also provided Obiefuna with his first set of headshots. Obiefuna wants to extend that kindness and help others. 

By utilizing his love for fashion and fitness, Obiefuna has been providing counseling to others who seek assistance with their own fashion and fitness. At first he was doing this out of the kindness of his heart, but it didn’t take long before he was able to start monetising this endeavor. He hopes someday when his photography skills improve that he will be able to provide similar services to people that his friend provided to him.

Along with improving his creative skills, Obiefuna commits to an intense workout regimen to ensure that his body is always in peak physical condition. 

“If you stay ready, you never have to get ready,” says Chibby Obiefuna.

Spending six days per week in the gym to maintain his physical form isn’t only to benefit his career in modeling, but also benefits his connection to his body, mind, and soul.

Chibby Obiefuna also rarely eats out. He cares deeply about what he puts into his body, so he cooks all of his meals and sticks to a diet he constructed to fit his busy lifestyle.

In his downtime, Obiefuna engages in reading to strengthen his mind. A book that resonated with him as a creative person was Greenlight by Matthew McConaughey. He recommends this book deeply to other creative people because it helped him stay focused on his goals as a model.

To maintain a connection to his soul, Obiefuna sets time aside for prayer and meditation.

Obiefuna dreams that someday his modeling and creative side will be enough to sustain him full-time. For now, he loves his job in environmental health and safety. 

“I’m still exploring my niche but I feel like this is just where I need to be,” says Chibby Obiefuna.

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