Poland Syndrome and Pectus Excavatum are Rare Disorders but Help is Available

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Poland Syndrome and Pectus Excavatum are Rare Disorders but Help is Available

August 11
12:48 2021

Both disorders involve individuals being born with one side of the body being more concave than the other.  Some cases are mild while others, extreme.  Extreme Poland Syndrome cases in individuals can also include webbing of the fingers and toes.  Misalignment in either disorder that is extreme can cause spinal problems, headaches, breathing issues, and even misplacement of the heart. 

Poland syndrome is considered a birth defect, as is Pectus Excavatum.  Poland Syndrome in extreme cases is noticeable at birth as part of the pectoralis muscle is missing giving a concave look to the chest on one side.  Pectus Excavatum may not be noticeable at birth as it develops over time and involves the underdevelopment of connective tissue. 

In mild cases of these disorders, fat injections can round out the misaligned side of the chest wall.  This is especially true for women as breast size may be variable from one side to the other.  Also in females, implants in mild cases may correct abnormalities in dimensions on the concave side of the chest. 

In males, fat injections do not work well as there is no breast tissue in which to inject fat and correct mild abnormalities.  Mild abnormalities are more of a psycho-social dilemma leading to self-consciousness than severe cases. 

Severe cases of both disorders do require reconstructive surgery by a centre that specializes in Poland Syndrome and Pectus Excavatum.  The Antiaging Group Barcelona in Spain is world-renowned for its reconstructive surgery techniques to correct Poland Syndrome and Pectus Excavatum. 

Foreign individuals are welcomed at Antiaging Group Barcelona and the finest surgeons imaginable can alleviate both mild and extreme cases of Poland Syndrome and Pectus Excavatum safely and with great results. 

The facilities boast the latest in surgical techniques, training, and the finest technologies available.  3-D modelling is available which can show patients the results that can be expected via reconstruction before committing to any type of surgical intervention and to ensure the correct size and shape of the implant is devised.

No matter where a client lives, Antiaging Group Barcelona will tackle their needs with the compassion and knowledge needed for this type of reconstruction of either a male or female chest wall abnormality.  Prevention of future problems because of these abnormalities is a priority so the approach is one of extreme attention to detail and safety. 

Especially in the cases of Pectus Excavatum reconstruction, the 3-D modelling allows a perfect implant to be made that will fit into the chest cavity that will be as uniform as possible and align perfectly with the side of the chest that is not abnormal. 

Living with chest wall abnormalities can be difficult in even minor cases but can have serious health ramifications in severe cases.  Antiaging Group Barcelona is committed to restoring individuals to the most natural-looking state possible even in Poland Syndrome and Pectus Excavatum cases.

About Antiaging Group Barcelona

This award-winning and world-renowned reconstruction centre in Barcelona, Spain welcomes all foreign patients and specializes in the reconstruction of chest wall misalignment that is due to Poland Syndrome and Pectus Excavatum.  The first consultation and first visit are free.  3-D modelling is used to achieve the best results.  Phone, email, and a contact form exist on the website and all requests are answered promptly. 

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