Flooring Liquidators Sharing Tips To Choose the Right Type of Hardwood Floors

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Flooring Liquidators Sharing Tips To Choose the Right Type of Hardwood Floors

May 14
23:57 2021
Flooring Liquidators Sharing Tips To Choose the Right Type of Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are great looking, durable, and easy to maintain, and many new homeowners opt for replacing old floors with stunning hardwood. However, there is more than just one type of hardwood floor, so when it is time for that home makeover – how do people choose? 

We have lots of choices when it comes to wood floors. For example, oak hardwood floors or walnut hardwood floors.  Homeowners also have to decide if they want solid hardwood floors or engineered hardwood.

Different Types of Hardwood Floors

Before we look at wood types, people need to go over two different types of hardwood floors! The type of hardwood flooring to put in should be based on their preferences, but they should also take things like durability and maintenance into consideration.

Engineered Hardwood Floors

The cheaper option tends to be engineered hardwood, and this option provides the versatility in terms of design. People can find engineered hardwood floor options that look almost exactly the way people want them.

Engineered hardwood is ideal for a space in the house with a tendency to get a little damp, and many opt for engineered hardwood in attics, closets, and such. The downside is that it scratches and dents more easily than traditional solid hardwood flooring. Flooring installation tends to be reasonably easy.

Solid Hardwood Floors

While the type of wood matters when it comes to hardwood floor durability – solid hardwood tends to last for many years. The reason is that it is very easy to sand down, compared to engineered hardwood, and as a result, people can quickly get rid of dents and scratches and have their floor look just like new.

Compared to engineered hardwood, solid hardwood is almost always somewhat more expensive, but it is a cost people quickly absorb thanks to how long their new floor will last.

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Hardwood Floor Materials

The hardwood floor material also matters, and people generally want to consider the cost of the wood, the look of it, and how durable the tree species is considered. Here are a few examples of common choices for hardwood flooring:


Whether people opt for solid maple hardwood floors, engineered hickory hardwood floors, or something else, it is important to choose a style that people are happy with, as their hardwood floors will likely last for years. Do the research and choose wisely.

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