Folk Music Artist Bruce Nunnally Releases A New Single

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Folk Music Artist Bruce Nunnally Releases A New Single

May 14
21:15 2021
Folk Music Artist Bruce Nunnally Releases A New Single
Acoustic guitar player and singer showcases his talent once again

Artist Bruce Nunnally is set to release his three-song single, “Know Yourself, Part 1” on May 14th. An American folk musician, Nunnally’s music stands out because of its gentle, expressive quality. The talented artist’s latest release is intended to be the first part of a song series; short and sweet, the planned monthly 3-song singles offer an ongoing stream of new folk music.

Previous releases include “No Spoil Date” LP and “No Aliases” EP. These two releases feature full arrangements, mixing folk music with subtle hints of pop, making for an interesting and enjoyable experience for the listener. With his musical strengths and interests primarily in modern American folk, the artist has attempted to diverge from his comfort zone a little bit and experiment with some elements of blues. Nunnally has been quite successful in his smooth yet original blend of modern acoustic American folk and blues in the latest release. Listeners can expect more of the same in the future releases.

Upon listening, it becomes apparent that this release is more tightly bound compared to previous releases. This is because “Know Yourself Part 1” is intended to be a more focused release by the artist. The pure, acoustic folk melodies are brilliantly brought together with seamless weaving of the guitar, and engaging songwriting, in conversation with the audience. The songs of the “Know Yourself Part 1” series are titled “You are the Best Thing in My Life,” “Your Love is Gone, Like a Summer Rain,” and “Don’t Know What Genre I Am.” These three songs will leave different impressions on the listener, ranging from fingerstyle love story, to a bittersweet loss,  to a tongue-in-cheek protest song.

To remain updated on Bruce Nunnally and his music, please visit his website. Readers can subscribe to his mailing list, download music, and find links to Nunnally’s music on all major streaming services.


Bruce Nunnally is an emerging singer and songwriter specializing in modern American folk songs. He mostly writes on topics such as the meaning of life, love, and realizing one’s truth. The artist has monthly releases planned through the Summer.


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