Launch of Bank Transfer Payment System by MAXCONNECT

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Launch of Bank Transfer Payment System by MAXCONNECT

May 14
18:15 2021
Maxconnect Co Ltd launched Collection agency service in Japan for global companies.

MAXCONNECT Co, Ltd. a settlement company and payment gateway provider based in Tokyo, Japan has released their new payment system called Bank Transfer Payment System. This service allows users to make real time settlements using bank transfer methods instead of a credit card. This allows users to make settlements without the need of a credit card. Users can also transfer amounts from any ATM at any convenience store 24 x 7 x 365.

The system is directed towards reducing the complications faced by merchants who are located outside Japan but whose target customer base is located in Japan. It is very difficult to open a bank account in Japan unless a corporation has a branch located in Japan. Using bank transfer payment service, these corporations can accept payments from Japanese customers using a Japanese bank account which will be handled by MAXCONNECT. There are no complications related to bank account opening procedures to use the system. The system also reduces the trouble of payment confirmations hence reducing the burden on the accounting staff. The system works on the principle of virtual account handling. Multiple virtual account numbers are provided to the merchants. The Merchant issues invoices by providing one of these virtual account numbers to a customer or assigning to a transaction. The customer will deposit the charge amount to the specified virtual account. When a customer makes a bank transfer, transaction data is sent to the merchant’s system through MAXCONNECT’s bank transfer system. The system is really easy to set up as Account opening/contracts are unnecessary at each financial institution and there is no need to build complicated systems.

Our service is used by Forex companies, multi-level marketing companies, and affiliate service companies.

In case of any queries related to Bank Transfer Payment System, please visit the homepage “” or contact us on [email protected]

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