Philadelphia: DJ Slice, Stevie B’s DJ Released New Dance Track “Put’em Up”

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Philadelphia: DJ Slice, Stevie B’s DJ Released New Dance Track “Put’em Up”

May 14
04:14 2021
Philadelphia: DJ Slice, Stevie B’s DJ Released New Dance Track "Put’em Up"

… While creating a global movement of “Touchin’lives with Positive Vibes“

Music is a universal language that everyone understands. People don’t need to grow up in the same culture, region, or religion to appreciate a beat. It is the only language all speak, without saying a word. People could be strolling through the park, and hear someone playing a hip hop song on the flute, or beatboxing to a classical song. One way or another, everyone will find some relatability to it, along with joy and happiness that brings everyone together no matter their background. This is exactly what Chris “DJ Slice” Rodriguez hoped to bring when he began his musical journey; togetherness, love, peace, positivity and unity. Today, he is better known as DJ Slice.

The American artist began his musical journey in the early 2000s in Wildwood, NJ.  Slice knew he had to work hard to achieve his goals and sustain a successful independent living for himself. He was known to perform at private parties and nightclubs throughout the tri-state area. Yet, his hopes were high and his dreams even higher, so he worked hard to get significant exposure and that’s where it all changed for him. 

Since then, DJ Slice has been moving up in the world of music. After establishing himself as a well known regionally respected DJ, DJ Slice ventured into hosting his own mix shows on several conventional radio stations throughout the country, including SiriusXM. DJ Slice wanted to enable  his clients the ability to allow their visions for an unforgettable night so he created Wow Factor Entertainment. His humility and passion for music continued to bring more grand opportunities. His first large chance came when he performed in front of more than 12,000 people at BeachGlow – an event that features the likes of internationally known artist Brillz and DJ 4B. No matter the level of success, DJ Slice never forgot his roots. He continuously gave back to the community of which he was once a part of. Recently, he launched his personal schwag collection titled “touching lives with positive vibes” due to the high demand of the listeners request for merch after this became an entire movement. DJ Slice remains an inspiration as he spreads the word of positivity to his audience.

Though DJ Slice has had much to boast about thus far, the biggest break in his career came just recently in 2019. DJ Slice was noticed by a multi platinum international recording artist, Pop legend Stevie B. This was the first time in Stevie’s 35 year-long career that he ever had a DJ. After building a personal and professional relationship, Stevie and Slice came together by creating a user-friendly music streaming app known as Royalty Radio. As the music director, DJ Slice sought the best DJ’s to incorporate on the Royalty Radio app. One DJ in particular really stood out above the rest for multiple reasons. Harry L. Taylor III, better known as DJ Rockstar from Philadelphia, who is the official DJ for Joe Zangie and Rockell of Fever Records. DJ Rockstar is well known in the Atlantic City area, especially for his guest DJ spots with international celebrities. 

Recently DJ Slice released his first single, “Put’Em Up”, featuring Jay Alams. This blazing track garnered a lot of recognition allowing a wider opportunity for its exposure on many platforms.

The world of music has too many wonders, but it is not without its dark side. In such a place, artists like DJ Slice are truly rare; people who are not just talented artists, but also great human beings. Despite his success and recognition, DJ Slice wears his origin and humility on his sleeves. You can follow DJ Slice on his Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or his official website. You can listen to his new dance track “Put’em Up” here.

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