Homeowners Notice the Signs of Dirty Ductwork

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Homeowners Notice the Signs of Dirty Ductwork

May 14
04:00 2021
Homeowners Notice the Signs of Dirty Ductwork

Poor indoor air quality can create serious health issues, but it’s often challenging to find the source of these problems. When family members experience allergy symptoms and respiratory distress, dirty ductwork may be to blame. Here, one will learn how the condition of a home’s ductwork affects the air one breathes every day.

Air Ducts: What Are They?

An air duct is a passage that lines a home’s interior, allowing conditioned air to circulate throughout while removing contaminants from that air. Because ducts are out of sight, they can easily become dirty and moldy. When polluted air gets spread throughout the home, hiring a duct cleaning service is essential.

How Air Ducts Become Contaminated

A home’s air ducts get dirty with time because they filter air out of and into the home. A humid environment facilitates mold growth, especially when an HVAC system hasn’t been run for a prolonged period. Keeping filters and vents clean will reduce the risk of premature contamination.

When Is the Best Time to Clean Air Ducts?

Air ducts should be cleaned only when necessary. In most cases, ducts maintain themselves for years without professional intervention. However, when homeowners experience the signs listed below, they should consider calling Accurate Electric Plumbing Heating & Air.

Health Issues

When dirty ductwork takes over a home, one may experience issues such as:

  • Allergies

  • Asthma

  • Respiratory distress

  • Reduced immune function

  • Stress

  • Lethargy

The longer one’s family is exposed to these contaminants, the more likely it is that they’ll suffer from one or more of these conditions.

Visible Mold Growth

If there’s mold growing in the ducts, it’s time to call a duct cleaning service. However, it’s possible to reduce the growth of mold by keeping the home at a consistent temperature and avoiding excess moisture.

Vents That Produce Debris, Dust, and Dirt

If dust, dirt, or smoke rises from the vents when the system power cycles, consider calling us right away. Of all these signs, smoke is one of the most troubling, because it indicates the presence of severely clogged ductwork or a faulty AC system.

Infrequent Filter Changes

If one has never changed their HVAC system’s air filter, there may already be a ductwork problem. Regular filter changes are crucial to the maintenance of optimal ductwork conditions. The average homeowner should change their air filter every 30 days, but if they’re living in a dusty area, it may need to be done more often.

High Utility Bills

When an HVAC system struggles to do its job, it’s usually because of mechanical problems, debris, or dirt. No matter the cause of the issue, it can result in poor temperature control and higher bills. Call today or visit https://www.accurateelectricplumbingheatingandair.com/contact/ to learn how to manage those costs effectively.

Call Today for Better Health and Cleaner Indoor Air

Dirty ductwork causes significant health issues, worsens indoor air quality, and increases utility bills. Solving these problems, though, is as simple as visiting https://www.accurateelectricplumbingheatingandair.com. Don’t wait to call for price estimates and diagnosis. The longer one waits, the worse the ductwork will get. Call or click today to get the duct cleaning services a family needs to feel better and breathe easier.

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