Food Handlers of Texas cites the importance of food safety certification during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Food Handlers of Texas cites the importance of food safety certification during the COVID-19 pandemic

May 14
03:55 2021

With food safety becoming a top public health priority during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Food Handlers of Texas stressed that obtaining food handlers certification is all the more critical in bolstering consumer confidence.

Given the significant shift in public confidence around food safety and hygiene because of the deadly virus, a Food Handlers Certification is seen as a step towards increasing consumer trust in food management systems. 

“While COVID-19 is not a foodborne disease, the virus is a significant threat to public health, including consumers and food handlers. Food businesses, therefore, should ramp up efforts to contribute to avoiding and reducing the spread of the virus,” a representative of the company said. 

As the public becomes more aware of food safety since the pandemic began, a Food Handlers License serves as an assurance for consumers that companies are committed to establishing and maintaining best practices. 

“It is important to maintain high standards in the food industry to ensure that an eatery does not spread a virus, flu, or any disease because of the food handlers’ lack of attention,” the representative said.

Food Handlers of Texas revealed that more and more customers are becoming aware of the repercussions of choosing an eatery that does not follow the utmost food safety. 

“It is crucial to ensure that food handlers take the utmost care to handle the allergies and dietary choices of the customers to avoid any possible distress to the customers,” the representative explained.

Food Handlers of Texas has been leading the charge in providing training, certification, and Food Handlers Card for chefs, managers, servers, and more.

The organization covers instructions on handling food and beverages and provides information on managing all alcoholic beverages through its Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (T.A.B.C) course.

“We have based our curriculum on the infotainment study system. Contrary to the old and boring study system, our infotainment-based curriculum provides useful information along with entertainment. Therefore, our patrons can complete their respective certifications faster, and they don’t have to spend days or even hours on the course material,” the representative said.

Unlike many countries, Food Handlers of Texas said the United States has stringent food policies. Therefore, it is mandatory for food handlers in most states to have a certification to serve or prepare food for the public.

“Keeping food handling in mind, most eateries only hire food handlers with a certification to prove that they are aware of safe food handling,” the representative explained.

Food Handlers of Texas said it is determined to ensure food safety by parting knowledge on the best food practices for proper public health.

It runs an online course that provides an easy-to-learn and quick online training program and a Texas Food Handlers Certificate for all participants with its no exam policy.

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