Global Peer-to-Peer Renting Site Transforms E-Commerce Landscape

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Global Peer-to-Peer Renting Site Transforms E-Commerce Landscape

June 16
19:41 2020
RentYourStuffs is the World’s Marketplace Letting Consumers Rent What They Want. Anytime, Anywhere.

June 16th, 2020 – It’s that time of year again when millions around the world are “spring cleaning” and sprucing up their homes just in time for summer. But, what about all that unnecessary clutter? Sure. You’ll find use for it one day, but not today.

This mindset isn’t an anomaly. A recent global study (1) conducted by SNC-Lavalin found that, out of 7,000 respondents across 150 countries, 66% said they’re likely to rent products or services from others. 

In the U.K. alone, 64% of the population have participated in the “sharing economy,” according to research (2) conducted by the Virgin Group.

With increasing demand for an industry expected to be valued(3) at £9 billion in the U.K. and $335 billion worldwide by 2025, the time is now for a platform that redefines what it means to rent almost anything; anytime, anywhere. 

RentYourStuffs is the disruptor in the global e-commerce marketplace revolutionizing the demand of making instant purchases mixed with the pragmatism of “try before you buy.”

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(3) “Global Sharing Economy Revenues Could Hit $335 Billion by 2025” – Virgin Group

The Renting Revolution

Why are so many making the switch from owning to renting when it comes to consumer goods? Most opinions range from growing population mobility to embracing sustainable practices in our personal lives. But, the actual reasons may be more practical and less esoteric. 

In a 2019 study (4) by Lab42, a majority of U.S. respondents between the ages of 18 and 36 (57%) prefer renting to owning in order to test a product before making a purchase. 52% said they only needed a particular item for a short time, while other motivating factors included “spending less” (43%), “convenience” (42%), and “less maintenance and responsibility” (41%). 

With RentYourStuffs, you now have the freedom to rent what you want, for long as you need, across an active global community.

(4) “What’s Mine is Yours… And Yours… And Yours…” – Lab42

The Rent-to-Own Racket

According to the Association of Progressive Rental Organizations(5), the rent-to-own industry generates an annual revenue of $8.5 billion a year in the U.S., serving an estimated 4.8 million consumers in all 50 states, as well as Mexico and Canada. 

But, a cursory Google search what seems like a great bargain on paper may, indeed, be too good to be true.

How so?(6) Frequently coming under fire with entities like the Better Businesses Bureau and other consumer protection agencies for alleged misleading sales practices, advocacy groups have successfully changed laws protecting consumers in states like Minnesota, New Jersey, and Wisconsin. Also, interest rates on items can be upwards of 100% and higher.

(5) “The Rent-to-Own Industry” – APRO

(6) “Beware of the Real Cost of Rent-to-Own Stores for Furniture, Appliances, and Electronics” MoneyCrashers

That’s one of the (many) reasons why RentYourStuffs is a game-changer. By putting power and control back in the hands of consumers, through an innovative peer-to-peer marketplace, “we the people” are liberated from “fine-print fees,” “exorbitant interest rates,” and free to save money (and financial stress) by renting on our own terms.

Turn Your Treasures into Cash

While we won’t know the final economic fallout as a result of the COVID-19 global pandemic for some time, most economists agree there will be severe negative impacts on the global economy.

RentYourStuffs offers the perfect opportunity to generate more income or start your own business, by renting what you already have right in your own home.

All you have to do is sign up for a free account (with no hidden membership fees), take and post photos of your items, add a few words, name your price and that’s it! Now you can share your items around the world, communicate with prospective renters via RentYourStuff’s secure messaging service, and invite friends and family to get in on the action.

RentYourStuffs Redefines the Rental Marketplace

With trusted and verified reviews from both renters and sellers, RentYourStuffs offers unparalleled peace of mind while eliminating the hassle of purchasing an item “sight unseen” or knowing you’ll only need it temporarily. 

So, whether you’re looking for new, used, or vintage items or you want to turn your own treasures into cash, RentYourStuffs has redefined the online rental marketplace by helping you save money and make money exactly when you need it.  

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