LUXStore is utilizing Mr. Checkout’s Fast Track Program to reach Independent Pharmacy Stores Nationwide.

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LUXStore is utilizing Mr. Checkout’s Fast Track Program to reach Independent Pharmacy Stores Nationwide.

June 15
22:00 2020
LUXStore is utilizing Mr. Checkout's Fast Track Program to reach Independent Pharmacy Stores Nationwide.

Vegan period lingerie, here to change the period paradigm.
Making every period plastic free!

LUX are purveyors of organic period products. Under their tutelage, feminine care is enjoying a much-needed boost.

Having recently introduced their vegan, organic period underwear to the US market, for founder Preeti Murli, it is a crowning achievement.

Leading at the vangaurd of the femcare industry. 

Period underwear (undies) made from premium grade organic cotton; customers are absolutely loving that they are as stylish as they are convenient. Available in three styles, the Thong and Bikini styles are the most popular according to the young British founder Preeti Murli.

A young mum herself, this product represented the change she wished to see made to period and postpartum products. 

The LUX Organic Thong is enjoying rave reviews especially as it represents a marked contrast to the frumpy underwear that has been the standard complement to the time of the month. 

Murli believes period undies, do not have to be the Bridget Jones-eque granny style pants, although the LUX Organic High Waisted undies are available for women who seek a bit of belly support during their period bloat. Its also a great one for postpartum flow. 

Being reusable and biodegradable makes the period undies, a friend to the environment too. 
Washed and worn like normal undies, they are great for up to 50 washes. 
Packed as a pair of two, they also represent fantastic value for money, giving women that extra mileage for every pack purchased. 
Fair labour laws and practices are an important legacy of this brand. 
Manufacturing units were carefully perused. 

The final selection of a facility in India was of a family owned business, who took as much pride in the way they treated their staff as they did when creating period undies for LUX.  

Good looking period undies that are fit for purpose, was an important consideration for Murli, given her objective was to incentivize women substitute their disposable products with LUX undies. But the green credentials mattered greatly too. Great care has been taken not just with the undies, but the cotton pouch they come encased in and the cardboard box that forms the external packaging and the acid free colour on it. Ultimately Murli believes her lasting legacy will be that of no legacy or footprint on the planet through her products. 

The LUX supply chain is as green as possible.And to compensate for her carbon footprint she plants one tree for every pair of her undies sold, in the geographies they are sold in. 

Period equity for women who do not have access to period products is an important cause for Murli and frequently she works with grassroot influencers to achieve that objective. 

Separately LUX have engaged in influencer marketing and Murli is delighted to report that the women who have tried these products have been suitably impressed, with glowing testimonials such as:

“pretty period undies like these are just what we have been waiting for”

“I felt like I was sitting on a pillow, the material was just so comfy”

“I have had these thongs on for 12 hours and no leakage whatsoever”

“sustainable period underwear is here – these beauties biodegrade”

They will be introducing a new range of underwear made to include HEMP too and Murli expects that range to be even more popular. 

LUX is celebrating Plastic Free JULY by including a 20% discount for the eco-conscious woman when purchasing using the Code: HELLO- PERIOD – LINGERIE

Offer valid until 31July 2020.


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