Art Nouveau Jewelry Is Still Popular Today

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Art Nouveau Jewelry Is Still Popular Today

June 15
20:23 2020
Art Nouveau Jewelry Is Still Popular Today

Many eras in history are defined by the designs of the day. Often, when a design style is popular, it’s used in art, furniture, and jewelry. For instance, Queen Victoria lost her beloved husband at the end of the Victorian period. As a result, mourning jewelry was en vogue with ladies. It was a relief when the Art Nouveau period began.

What Is Art Nouveau?

Art Nouveau jewelry was born in France somewhere between 1895 and 1910. The Art Nouveau era lasted until the beginning of World War I. This was a difficult time in France’s history, with the country just losing a major war. Most of the citizens were not happy about women starting to work and wanting the right to vote. Experts think this is why most of the jewelry featured women in the design. Indeed, the jewelry depicted gorgeous, “ideal” women. Visit the Museum of Jewelry to explore examples of Art Nouveau jewelry.

The Museum of Jewelry is located in San Leandro, California. The Museum is dedicated to keeping the hand-crafted arts alive. There are different collections sold that represent particular historical eras. Examples include Medieval Jewelry, Renaissance Jewelry, and Art Deco Jewelry. Pieces come in gold vermeil, gold, and silver. Further, gemstones are natural and ethnically-sourced.

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More About Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau was the first jewelry that embraced nature in the design. Insects and flowers were featured in a sensual style. Many pieces featured nude women and that was considered taboo at the time. The pieces were often made with a French enamel that was reminiscent of stained glass. There’s no doubt that only a certain segment of society wore the jewelry. The pieces were expensive and favored by entertainers. Sarah Bernhardt was a fan of the style and designer Rene Lalique.

Visit to see examples of Lalique-style jewelry.

Rene Lalique

Lalique was the master creator of Art Nouveau jewelry. Sigrid Barten wrote a book about Rene Lalique and described Art Nouveau as art total. This was because Art Nouveau influenced architecture, painting, music, and literature. The style was all the rage for a very short time. However, its influence is still felt today. Barten wrote that Lalique’s jewelry merged different art forms. His use of color reminded her of great paintings. Also, the shape of his pieces was similar to sculpture. He was credited with introducing new materials in jewelry-making like glass and ivory. 

George Fouquet

Fouquet created masterpieces in two time periods—Art Nouveau and Art Deco. Fouquet designed a gold, enamel, diamond, and opal serpentine bracelet for Sarah Bernhardt. The piece sold at Christie’s in 1987 for nearly a million dollars. It was the most expensive piece of Art Nouveau jewelry ever sold. Other notable designers include Henri Vever and Lucien Gaillard.

Original Art Nouveau jewelry is rare. The pieces were easily broken because they were made of fragile materials. Hence, the pieces are valuable and in demand. A Lalique pendant sold at Sotheby’s a few years ago for $200,000.

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