Using Social Media to Generate Marketing and Web Content

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Using Social Media to Generate Marketing and Web Content

June 09
01:50 2020

Nowadays, the vast majority of our consumers are digitally-abled. They ‘speak’ in smiley form, buy from online stores, and spend an average of 6 hours a day on the internet. With this volume of online interaction, firms need to fix themselves squarely in the cyber world in order to be seen… let alone stay ahead of the competition. 

When you do attempt to keep up with the crowd, there are a few basic steps you need to take. First, set up your online empire with the use of a website. Second, drive traffic to your website through social media accounts – most of which are free. Everyone knows this model and it’s nothing new… but what is fairly new is the ability to utilise those accounts to generate content for your site.

Not convinced? Let’s look closer…

Companies use Blogs to Reach Clients

When a firm wants to reach a younger client base, or even just tap into the consumers that use the internet regularly – they use blogs. These articles are released weekly or monthly and are used to increase search engine rankings by hitting keywords.

When you take the rather more proactive method of using your social media streams to create content for you, however, it all comes down to synchronicity. Your accounts need to align and come together in a visible place. If you do this correctly, you should be able to turn your landing pages into a multi-level platform that takes every angle in its approach of consumer needs,

Making your Social Accounts Content Worthy

So all you need to achieve this multi-level online platform to exceed client expectations – are social media accounts, a following, and a few clever backlinks. It starts at the moment that you send your sign off to be designed and incorporates direct links from each of your accounts, back to your home page. 

Many sites have started to do this to incorporate their Instagram pages and that’s a great beginning. When you build your site using a free builder you should be given this option as standard. Normally, it will display a rotation of the most liked Instagram pictures, or your own most recent finds. 

To expand this, all you need to do is spend an hour scrolling through Instagram mentions of your page. Where you find mentions, approach the consumer and ask if you can use the image on your site (provided it is positive). Sometimes a link to that person’s account is all the payment you need to give, sometimes a small discount granted to an already loyal consumer does the trick. Either way, you get your pick of some pretty wonderful, marketing worthy product pictures you can use, and you have saved yourself the cost of the photo shoot.

Other sites to do this with include:

  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • YouTube

Working Examples

As a final thought, we leave you with a link back to the page we feel excels in this area. Sugru sell moldable glue products but their marketing team have their social media game on point. As a result, their products reach the right people for the right reasons. As you can see, their page is generating tis own content by giving customer multiple social contact points. They then use the ideas their clients give them to incorporate more keywords into the site. 

So make social media start paying off by using it for content. Your clients will love the brand interactivity and you will love the PR.

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