Music Agent Christian Phyfier & Resist Entertainment Provide First Ever Stimulus Package To Independent Musicians

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Music Agent Christian Phyfier & Resist Entertainment Provide First Ever Stimulus Package To Independent Musicians

May 04
15:56 2020

In late 2019, Christian Phyfier shocked the independent music community with an announcement dissolving the 6 year “GPME Group” brand that had become synonymous with independent entertainment marketing, to what’s currently known as Resist Entertainment Group. The announcement also unveiled the new music distribution company Resistribute, one of several subsidiaries within the Resist Entertainment (Resist-Ent) umbrella that would provide the portal that would give designated artists the ability to place their music on sites such as Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and more.  

Christian’s ambitions have led the company to become a competitor in a much larger market than the average independent record label. In fact, the young CEO refuses to allow the company to be called such. Since it’s induction, The Resist-Ent has coined the term the “Anti-Label.” Fitting into a business model that seeks to create partnerships with artists, allowing them to keep their masters & copyrights while still being providing label status resources, such as Playlisting, Social Media Advertising, Radio airplay, Public Relations & more, which is indeed why GPME was so renowned. Not to mention Christian is a partner in one of the largest film, recording and production studios on the west coast, 3125 Studios, the headquarters for Resist, located in Tempe, Arizona, which offers photographers, cinematographers and artists of all types, unlimited access to the 30K+ square foot building starting at a mere $150 a month. 

In less than 6 months since the announcement, the newly unveiled Parent company and its distribution subsidiary have brought in nearly 75 signed artists, bringing in more than 6 million streams, which is already nearly %25 of what the entire GPME Group had rostered at the point of dissolution after 6 years of operations. 

The Resist Brand has already proven to show that it can withstand disasters and showing how dedicated to the independent music community it truly is. Two weeks after Covid19 began taking its toll on the world, Christian Phyfier and the board of directors decided to implement a stimulus package to all artists signed within Resist, as long as they met basic requirements, which were as follows. The artists needed to be signed to a minimum 1 year, 85/15 contract with Resist & have invested a minimum of 25 dollars into their careers between January 14th and March 14th.  

Artists who met the criteria, would have a marketing budget between $50 & $100 for playlisting added to their budget sheet and it would be allocated to curators to help expedite the placement of Resist artist’s music onto independently owned playlists. Resist’s intention behind the stimulus is to continue the momentum that many artists had obtained prior to Covid19. Independent artists rely on their royalty money to further invest in their careers and pay their bills, taking a month or two off from that consistency due to the lack of ability to get studio time or funds to pay for marketing, could seriously setback an independent artist’s growth. Christian says that if necessary another stimulus package may be implemented again if Covid19 continues to linger. But hopes are that artists can get back to business as usual and the pending Resist Festival can be the next boost the artists have to generate more revenue.

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