Pro Uptime Monitor Protects Businesses from Downtime with Comprehensive Uptime Monitoring

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Pro Uptime Monitor Protects Businesses from Downtime with Comprehensive Uptime Monitoring

March 19
02:00 2020
Whether it’s a small or large business, the importance of having a website cannot be overstated. Websites are the face of any business and through it, business owners get the chance to connect with millions of potential customers.

Websites provide a scalable method for businesses to get their brands known to customers and help establish the business as a trusted authority compared to its competitors.

Every second counts when running a business, most particularly when it is online. Websites should always be up and running because internet users expect it to show up instantaneously when they click it. Also, most users today expect a website to load in no more than three seconds, and a one-second delay would lead them to jump over to the competitors’ website, which can cost a business a drop in sales.

Imagine how much impact a one-second delay in load time can make on a business; how much more an inaccessible website? If a website is down, chances are businesses are left to deal with a wide range of costly consequences – lost revenues, lost productivity, time, and intangible costs. As much as downtime causes inconvenience, it can also inflict a blow capable to drive a business out.

What is downtime?

In the early days of the internet, downtime referred to a website being inaccessible for users. Today, downtime has become more complex – poor performance and the inability of the users to complete their tasks on the site is already considered as downtime.

Downtime refers to the time between the occurrence of the outage and the time a server becomes available for operation. Downtime lasts for a certain period of time and ultimately affects the overall performance of a business. It can occur as unexpected downtime or planned downtime.

Unexpected downtime occurs when the system is unable to perform due to unplanned events. This is a critical issue and it occurs when a network or a server crashes and experiences communication failures.

Planned downtime, on the other hand, results from planned maintenance efforts.

Effects of Downtime

The following are just a few of the negative effects downtime can have on any business:

  • It can create an overall negative user experience.
  • It reduces search engine rankings.
  • It potentially tarnishes a business’s credibility and reputation.
  • It incurs revenue losses.
  • It incurs lost potential client opportunities.

When a website is not functional or experiences downtime, business owners miss several opportunities, including loss of profits. For such reasons, it is critical for business owners to make an effort to get the system up and running again. This can even be made easier with the help of monitoring companies like Pro Uptime Monitor.

About Pro Uptime Monitor

Pro Uptime Monitor is an online platform that offers reasonably priced and excellent uptime monitoring services. Pro Uptime Monitor has built its reputation for protecting businesses from downtime with its comprehensive uptime monitoring services.

Pro Uptime Monitor was created to cater to the needs of businesses by providing various solutions with the use of modern technology. The platform guarantees exceptional and outstanding uptime monitoring services all tailored-fit to the needs of businesses of various niches.

Pro Uptime Monitor’s uptime monitoring services use state-of-the-art security tools and systems to ensure comprehensive monitoring as well as protection for all websites. The platform routinely checks websites for vulnerabilities so it can be fixed immediately before any intruders can exploit such vulnerabilities.

Pro Uptime Monitor also works by notifying business owners whenever their website faces downtime or loading issues. This gives business owners enough time to fix issues before they can even damage the entire website.

Aside from uptime monitoring, Pro Uptime Monitor’s many services include website Speed Monitoring and End-User Transaction Monitoring. The platform also provides alerting services via email and SMS.

Downtime may be difficult to prevent even with the precautions in place. However, it wouldn’t be impossible to predict the possible circumstances that may cause any outage disruption. Having a good plan in place as well as having the right support and monitoring solutions by Pro Uptime Monitor, the possibilities of disruption can be reduced to near zero.

To know more about Pro Uptime Monitor’s uptime monitoring services, visit its website at For clarifications and further questions, send an email to [email protected].

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