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An Expert on Therapeutic Glycoproteins—Creative Biolabs

September 12
15:10 2019
Facilitated with the most up-to-date high-end technology platforms and knowledgeable experts, Creative Biolabs is committed to supplying high-standard glycoprotein production, engineering and analysis services.

September 12, 2019—New York, US Creative Biolabs provides a full set of solutions regarding the glycoprotein of protein, aiming to perfect the efficacy, half-life, stability and safety of the therapeutic proteins, and hence to improve relevant projects in industry, which compose custom synthesis, therapeutic glycoprotein development, glycoprotein analysis, cell line glycoengineering, anti-glycoprotein antibody development, utilizing advanced technologies.


The custom synthesis package covers custom glycan synthesis, custom glycopeptide synthesis, custom glycoprotein synthesis.


Chemical synthesis, a common method adopted for glycopeptide and glycoprotein synthesis through constructing linkage at early or later stage

Enzymatic synthesis, taking advantage of the enzymes obtained from isolation from sources or from the heterologous over-expression that also accept saccharides, glycolipids, and glycoproteins as substrates


Aiming to improve the productivity of specific cells and enhance the activity after adapting their glycosylation profiles, the cell line glycoengineering strategies developed by Creative Biolabs offer schemes for the clients working on the relevant projects like mAb glycosylation for research or large scale production purposes.

Approaches of genetic glycoengineering: Knockdown, overexpression, knockout and knockin by precision genome editing are the most conventionally applied means to modify the activity of glycosyltransferases and enhance or cut the precursors involved in the N-glycosylation process.


If project bound up with anti-glycoprotein antibody development cannot be processed due to limited lab conditions, Creative Biolabs is ready to aid by its Anti-Gly™ platform, incorporating phage display, hybridoma, antigen-specific B lymphocytes sorting technologies, and embedded with comprehensive glycoprotein production systems such as Escherichia coli, mammalian cells, yeast cells, insect cells, and plant cells. The Anti-Gly™ adopts a variety of screening methods to discover specific anti-glycoprotein antibodies in a fast turnaround, ensuring highly qualified results.


Aside from the above-mentioned operations, Creative Biolabs also furnishes glycoprotein analysis services (detection, structure analysis and quantification), glycoprotein biomarkers researches with profound technical background. All glycoprotein-relevant solutions, whether categorized as development, analysis or research, hold the following merits.

High-standard and cost-effective one-stop projects

Abreast- of-the-art platforms

Technical support from a professional team

If more information about the therapeutic glycoprotein programs or technical support is required, please visit


About the Company

Creative Biolabs, established in 2004 in New York, US, has developed the world-leading technology platforms with the help of professional scientific staff, making it capable of serving worldwide clients with the largest and most diverse portfolio of standard or custom therapeutic glycoprotein services. Creative Biolabs is very glad to revolutionize the particular projects and promote clients’ success based on the values of quality, timing, and price with customizable projects and high-standard products.

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Phone: 1-631-619-7922
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