Ziro Realty Introduces Real Estate Revolution with Flat-rate Real Estate.

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Ziro Realty Introduces Real Estate Revolution with Flat-rate Real Estate.

May 26
18:15 2023
Ziro Realty Introduces Real Estate Revolution with Flat-rate Real Estate.
Retain most of that hard-earned sale when selling a home with Ziro Realty.

When it comes to selling a house, paying a sales agent a large commission can be a burden, especially in this economy. To help home sellers get more out of their transactions, real estate firm Ziro Realty offers a flat $4,000 listing free as opposed to a typical broker’s charge that averages around 3% of the sale price.

“We are on a mission to transform the industry and redefine the way real estate transactions are conducted by providing a transparent, efficient, and cost-effective solution for buyers and sellers alike,” said the company representative.

Founded by Rick Winner, Ziro Realty is making waves in the residential real estate sector, particularly in Florida. Its website, https://zirorealty.com, serves as a hub for clients seeking a refreshing and more affordable real estate experience. The company’s tagline, “Finally, the way real estate should be,” encapsulates its commitment to delivering exceptional service while challenging the traditional commission-based model.

Rick Winner’s journey into real estate began with a unique perspective shaped by his mother, a prominent realtor in Pennsylvania during the 80s and 90s. Witnessing his mother’s dedication and hard work, Rick developed a deep appreciation for the industry. After a successful venture in owning floor covering stores, Rick returned to his roots and rekindled his passion for real estate.

The spark that ignited the Ziro Realty revolution came from Rick’s personal experiences as a homebuyer. He was taken aback by the exorbitant commissions he had to pay upon closing. Whether purchasing a million-dollar house or a more modestly priced property, the discrepancy in commission rates seemed unjustifiable. Rick recognized the need for a fairer and more equitable pricing structure in the real estate industry.

Ziro Realty’s groundbreaking approach is centered around a flat fee of $4,000 for listing, marketing, and selling a property, regardless of its price. This approach challenges the notion that higher-priced homes should cost more to sell. Rick argues that the fundamental aspects of the real estate process, such as photos, showings, scheduling, and paperwork, remain consistent across properties, making the traditional commission-based model obsolete.

The company’s commitment to providing exceptional service is evident in their in-house marketing expertise. Ziro Realty handles all marketing efforts internally, including professional-grade photography and drone footage.

Despite initial skepticism from industry insiders, Ziro Realty has gained momentum and witnessed significant growth. Sellers are increasingly drawn to the company’s flat-rate structure, recognizing the considerable savings it offers compared to traditional commission fees. As word spreads about Ziro Realty’s transparent and cost-effective approach, more buyers and sellers are expressing interest and seeking alternatives to the status quo.

Ziro Realty’s success has also prompted expansion plans. The company is actively recruiting agents who share their vision and desire to provide superior service at a fair price. With minimal fees and comprehensive marketing support, Ziro Realty offers an enticing proposition to agents seeking a new and more rewarding professional experience.

To learn more about Ziro Realty, visit https://zirorealty.com now.

About Ziro Realty

Ziro Realty is a game-changer in the residential real estate sector, offering a refreshing and affordable experience for home sellers. With a mission to transform the real estate landscape, they deliver transparent, efficient, and cost-effective solutions. Founded by Rick Winner, Ziro Realty is gaining prominence in Florida, driven by a commitment to exceptional service and a dedication to challenging the conventional commission-based model.

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