Introducing Plantials, a blog that provides scientifically backed gardening tips and insights on everything gardening

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Introducing Plantials, a blog that provides scientifically backed gardening tips and insights on everything gardening

November 02
16:40 2022

Can gardening guide websites help gardeners and farmers make gardening choices and grow nutritious food? YES! they can—according to, a unique gardening blog launched this year.

Home gardening, like baseball, is a great American pastime. And gardening is alive and well. Statistically, 55% of American households engage in gardening activities. Millennials make up 29% of gardener demographics. With this increase in gardening enthusiasts comes the equally vital need to provide them with the necessary guides, and Plantials is way ahead in providing such.

The digital platform was created to help people become self-sufficient and effective at growing their gardens with sustainability. Plantials is a leader in providing scientifically backed gardening tips, reviews, comparisons, and recommendations for people who want to experience the thrill of nurturing a garden to feed not just the body but the soul.

Since its official launch, Plantials have helped thousands of gardeners make improved choices for gardening and beautifying their homes. ”We also knew we could provide an answer by creating a blog that will give you everything you need to have an unforgettable experience with nature in your backyard. Our blog is where our readers—and, really, anyone interested in gardening get professional tips and insights for a successful gardening experience and a heart with nature”, said Anthony Selva, chief content editor of Plantials.

Plantials compiled various detailed guides, tips, interesting studies and greenhouse research for garden enthusiasts. The blog is dynamic and accessible to all users, with a visually stimulating interface—filled with relevant, engaging content born out of excellent research.

Plantials is replete with a writing team of certified botanists and horticulturists, florists, seasoned gardeners, and proud plant parents who believe every plant has its own beauty and deserves a spot in the gardens. ”We will help you to transform your house into a beautiful garden full of life, teach you how to grow plants and trees of different types and varieties and update you with the latest cutting-edge technology and research in the agriculture and gardening field,” Anthony Selva said.

At the end of the day, gardening is a great hobby that has excellent returns on investment. Whether growing a small plot in your front yard or having dedicated acreage. One thing is for sure, you’ll need insight and knowledge from experts, and no other offers better expertise than

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