Haier Biomedical Supports Italian University in Cell Storage

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Haier Biomedical Supports Italian University in Cell Storage

November 02
13:08 2022

Founded in 1224, the University of Naples Federico II in Italy is the oldest public non-sectarian university in the world. It currently offers 157 courses in various fields, including pharmaceutical science, surgery, and biotechnology science. As one of the most famous universities in Italy, the University has made great contributions to the biomedical research field.

Recently, Haier Biomedical’s -150℃ Cryo Freezer was installed and used in the biological laboratory of the University of Naples Federico II to help the University’s biological sample research. The cooperation marks Haier Biomedical’s further step into the -150°C Cryo freezer market.

According to research findings, -140℃ is the ideal temperature for the storage of biological samples. In such a low-temperature range, the biological activities of samples are greatly reduced, so the stability of macromolecules and tissue microstructure in cells and tissues can be maintained for a long time. Among the low-temperature storage devices currently available on the market, ultra-low temperature freezers can only achieve -80℃ storage, while liquid nitrogen storage is high-cost, with large temperature fluctuation, and prone to splashing that threats the safety of operators, though it is capable of the long-term storage of samples. Therefore, Cryo freezers are irreplaceable, as they can maintain temperature uniformity while ensuring safety.

However, due to the widespread use of fluorinated refrigerants, Cryo freezers are facing increasingly strong environmental constraints. Based on the Montreal Protocol, Europe announced a total ban on fluorinated refrigerants in 2021. As fluorinated refrigerants gradually quit the historical stage, Cryo freezers will face more demanding requirements: it is urgent to figure out a way of providing environmentally friendly and efficient cryogenic freezers by tackling the technical problems, such as refrigeration system selection and fit and refrigerant ratio.

The debut of Haier Biomedical’s -150°C Cryo Freezer has offered the solution. Designed with the new-generation fluoride-free hydrocarbon refrigerants that produce no damage to the ozone layer and very low impact on the greenhouse effect, as well as the dual-compressor four-stage cascade refrigeration system and the IoT technology, the -150°C Cryo Freezer has improved the refrigeration capacity of the refrigerant per unit volume effectively. Haier Biomedical -150°C Cryo Freezer has once again shown the world the science and technology innovation strength of China’s independent innovation brand.


“During the experiment, every cell is valuable, but some samples need to be stored for a long time, and they have higher requirements on the storage environment. The Haier Biomedical DW-150W209 Cryo Freezer can ensure the safety of our cells effectively,” comment from the biological laboratory of the University of Naples Federico II.

The DW-150W209 Cryo Freezer has offered customers a safe, convenient, and economical alternative long-term storage solution. As a technologically innovative product in the field of IoT deep cryogenic refrigeration, it is not only environmentally friendly but also the most energy-saving, up to 30%, in the industry.

In terms of security, the DW-150W209 cryogenic freezer uses a self-regulating pressure control system to ensure a stable internal pressure environment for the refrigeration system and transmits the freezer alarms in real time through a mobile IoT APP to safeguard the samples.

With the help of the new-generation hydrocarbon refrigerants combined with the dual-compressor four-stage cascade refrigeration system, the DW-150W209 cryogenic freezer can adapt to a wide range of ambient temperatures from 10℃ to 32℃, with smaller inner temperature fluctuation, thus achieving stable operation. 

As a national brand, Haier Biomedical adheres to self-dependent innovation and focuses on providing customers with a better product experience. Additionally, relying on the leading advantages in ultra-low temperature refrigeration, Haier Biomedical safeguards the scientific research projects worldwide all the time.

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