A Children’s Book Author has Shared How She Battles Inflation to Keep Children Books Affordable and Accessible

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A Children’s Book Author has Shared How She Battles Inflation to Keep Children Books Affordable and Accessible

November 02
11:06 2022
Faced with the rising inflation in America, children’s book author Krystaelynne Sanders has revealed how she is keeping her books affordable for readers

Inflation has remained the Federal Reserve‘s number one enemy in 2022. The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) has made several changes to the United States monetary policy to bring inflation down to its long-term target of around 2%. Sadly, in June 2022, the inflation rate in the United States rose to an unprecedented 8.6% which is the first time it is rising this high in a four-decade period. Food prices, housing, medical care, stationery and other products have increased in prices with sellers trying to augment their profit with the cost of production and resources.

While everyone is looking for ways to increase their income because of the rise in inflation, children’s book author Krystaelynne Sanders Diggs has taken a side nobody wants to take. She has decided to keep her books affordable despite the inflation as she intends to see them get to the hands of the children that need them without the parents feeling like they are so much of an investment. It is typical to have people forgo certain financial commitments with the rise in inflation but Krystaelynne doesn’t want parents to see books for their children as a financial burden, citing that literacy should be affordable and accessible to everyone.

In a recent interview with FOX Business News, Krystaelynne Sanders Diggs outlines all the steps she is taking to ensure that her books remain affordable and accessible. Krystaelynne uses the United States Postal Service (USPS) Media Mail instead of FedEx and other delivery service companies that charge exorbitant delivery fees to send orders on her books. For bulk orders, Krystaelynne does not even use the Media Mail services as she drives by herself to make deliveries. According to her, “that way, we all get to save money.”

She also highlighted how she had to switch manufacturers to lower the cost of her book production. “I want to keep costs low so that children from all economic backgrounds can have access to affordable, educational, diverse literature,” said Krystaelynne. “Despite my quest to save costs, inflation has made it very difficult but we keep pushing, nonetheless.”

Krystaelynne was born and raised in Northern California. Never one to sit still and wait for life to come to her, she earned a handful of degrees ranging from Criminal Justice Administration to Political Science. Her work and curiosity took her across the country in pursuit of higher knowledge and a means to secure her future, both for herself and her family.

Some of her works include Not a Baby Anymore, Shrinkage, The ABC’s of Consent, My Sweet Boy, Baby’s Big Plans, Where Hands Go, Stinky Feet, and much more. Check out https://ksdiggs.com/collections/shop for a complete collection of Krystaelynne’s works.

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