Teshop has suddenly emerged, the second mall in the world with no supply sales model is committed to promoting users to get rich

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Teshop has suddenly emerged, the second mall in the world with no supply sales model is committed to promoting users to get rich

November 02
13:09 2022

Have you ever imagined yourself being able to work just two hours a day and receive a six-figure salary per month, through which you could live a life of luxury and you could even take your family into employment with you?

Rauha from Finland became such a person. Rauha has always had a keen eye for business and since the age of 24 she has been selling her own lip balm, clothes on Amazon, shoes and now she is a full-time dropshipping seller at Teshop.

Teshop is a retail business that can open a store to sell goods without having to stock up and deliver goods. Sellers can accept orders without any inventory.

The picture above shows Rauha in Poland buying her first luxury car after achieving success through the agency sales model and employing her own mother as an employee.

Rauha managed to do it all from the comfort of his bedroom, working two hours a day while also being able to give back and send money to his family in Finland.

“I came across Teshop by chance and I found that the mall had a good supply of goods and I could sell them directly to make a profit, it was a good platform for someone like me who didn’t like to take the risk of investing in stock, someone buys my goods and I just need to get the supplier to ship them”, The successful businesswoman said excitedly.

Rauha went to the supplier’s store to check the quality of the products, and the quality of the products decided whether to sell them in his own store.

“At first I thought it was difficult because I always had to find something that was easier to sell, but I love it, I can make money without leaving home, I just can’t believe it.”

“All I needed was a phone or a computer and I could work anywhere in the world, so I started enjoying the life of travel, whether I was in Bali or the Maldives, I could work and I fell in love with the lifestyle.”

Now, Rauha is traveling all over the world with her family and she decides to go to all the countries in the world and leave behind the pictures she took in each country.”I don’t have inventory, I’m just someone between the customer who buys the product and the supplier, so I pay the cost price from the supplier, the supplier ships to the buyer, and I’m only responsible for the customer service part.”

Above, Rauha enjoying the fruits of her labour in San Francisco.

“I have helped my mum and my family in Finland and I can now pay for what they want whenever they want it and I’m glad I can do that now”, Rauha is very satisfied with her life now.

How to make money with Teshop, is it easy?In the traditional e-commerce model, sellers need to stock up on goods and then sell to sellers around the world. However, an emerging trend on Tik Tok is for entrepreneurs to sell goods that they have never touched before.

Teshop is representative of this model, where the platform works with suppliers to make items available for sale on the platform, and Teshop sellers can choose any item of their choice to sell within the platform.

As long as there is a buyer, the seller can pay the order amount like the supplier, the supplier ships the goods to the buyer, and after the buyer receives the goods, the seller receives a fixed profit provided by the supplier.

This deceptively simple premise has attracted would-be entrepreneurs from around the world, who claim to be making the equivalent of £8,000 a month through consignment sales, a model said to generate profits worth $360 billion. The reseller business can also be run from any mobile phone and laptop with an internet connection, which also appeals to “digital nomads” who want to be able to work and travel for money. According to sources, Teshop’s monthly growth in users and sellers is a staggering 35% higher than Amazon’s at its peak.

As Teshop is an e-commerce platform for the global market, it has buyers and sellers from all corners of the globe, with suppliers from 57 countries worldwide.  Because of the mode of opening stores for free through guarantees, many merchants use this loophole to open stores for free, and a large number of experienced sellers with e-commerce experience have successively transferred from other e-commerce platforms to Teshop. They can conduct business anytime, anywhere, without the constraints of time and space, and without the hassle of stocking up on goods for delivery.

The sudden emergence of Teshop marks the arrival of a new era of e-commerce. This will bring huge changes to the global e-commerce market, and more people will get rich because of it. We can now answer the question that started this article – working two hours a day and earning more than six figures a month, yes, it can be achieved.

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