Calamus Finance has opened its Whitelist program and will go live on Mainnet in December 2022

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Calamus Finance has opened its Whitelist program and will go live on Mainnet in December 2022

November 01
21:08 2022
Calamus Finance, a project to gain top 10 BNB Chain Accelerator in Vietnam, will go live on Mainnet this December.

Numerous platforms currently allow users to make payments using fiat money, which may be utilized for things like investing, paying employees, and making purchases. However, there are a number of drawbacks with these platforms such as not allowing periodic automation of payments, unable to pay in real-time and not supporting payments with tokens. As a result, Calamus Finance was developed to address these issues. 

Calamus Finance is a decentralized crypto streaming protocol that allows people to send or receive payments on any time basis. The long-term goal is to help crypto owners in their daily payments, from small ones like subscriptions and allowances to bigger ones like the company’s payroll and token vesting. 

The team behind Calamus Finance would like to facilitate the process of constant payments and token vesting transparently and securely. A multi-chain and multi-functional crypto streaming protocol for your everyday payment. 

The app will be available on BNB Chain, Polygon, Tron, Near, Aurora and Evmos to make users easily accessible and utilize Calamus’ flexible payment options. 

The Whitelist Partner Program of Calamus Finance is ready 

Calamus Finance announced that it will go live on Mainnet this December and the Whitelist partner program is available for customers to register and benefit from a variety of privileges including: 

  • Use all services of Calamus Finance for payroll, token vesting, airdrop or daily use with 0% service fee 
  • Get 24/7 support in all Calamus Finance Channels (Telegram, Twitter, Discord) 
  • Join Private Events (Giveaway, Offline Event, Networking Event,) 
  • Marketing and media collaboration 
  • Cross-community Special Event (Airdrop, Whitelist, Giveaway,) 
  • And many more 

In addition to the Whitelist Program, Calamus Finance is currently running a big airdrop with a pool reward of 50,000 $CLT. The airdrop campaign is active through November 21st, 2022. 

Useful use cases with practical purposes

There are five use cases on Calamus Finance to cater to many users, and these are as follows: 


This product allows companies to pay their employees by the second quickly. The company will have complete control over frequency, liquidity amount and duration. Cancellation is possible at any time by the payer and/or payee. 


With the Airdrop at Calamus, project developers could reward thousands of community members with the project tokens without the fear of price volatility. 


Forgetting to cancel subscriptions is a common thing in the CeFi world. Nevertheless, Calamus Finance makes it simple to access all of the current subscriptions and cancel them.

Calamus Finance guards against unrecognized financial losses. 

Token Vesting

Reward your team, advisors and investors with smart contracts as a trustless escrow. Token vesting has a codeless solution developed by the Calamus team to address this situation. 

Calamus Finance will prevent any kind of foul play and/or manipulation and protect the benefits of both startups and investors.

Users can set Cliff Date and Initial Release in their vesting stream. Other settings like cancellation and money transferring are also available.

Multisig Wallet

In this use case, managing a team’s finances is extremely easy. Each team acts as a DAO and every member plays a role in issuing payments or vesting tokens..

The wallet is owned by many people and transactions are only made under agreements from multiple owners or devices. 

With the five useful use cases, Calamus Finance’s founding team has garnered numerous honors: 

BNB Chain Web3 Stars Accelerator (Vietnam): TOP 10 projects

TRON GRAND Hackathon: Web 3 – 2nd place, NFT – 1st Runner Up

NEAR Meta BUILD Hackathon: 2 Sponsor Prizes for an NFT Marketplace

Neo Polaris Launchpad: Winner of Excellence and Planathon Awards 

Future plans

At the end of this year and early next year, Calamus Finance informed that they will continue to complete the final steps of the project, giving users the most complete, safe and convenient project. 

Q4 – 2022

  • Mainnet launch: BNB & Tron
  • Raise fund: Seed round
  • Enhance UX/UI
  • Multisig Wallet
  • Tokenomics
  • Whitelist Partner Program
  • Security Audit 

Q1 – 2023

  • Integrate chains: Neo, Near & Aurora
  • Batch streams
  • Feedback loop
  • Token launch
  • SDK Release
  • AMA Series
  • Partnership recruitment  

To find out more about Calamus Finance, visit the official website: 

Also, follow Calamus Finance on all platforms to stay updated with the day-to-day developments and recent launches. 




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