When a Business Should Invest in Luxury Packaging According to Realtimecampaign.com

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When a Business Should Invest in Luxury Packaging According to Realtimecampaign.com

November 01
21:57 2022
When a Business Should Invest in Luxury Packaging According to Realtimecampaign.com

Every American has been told at some point in their life not to judge a book by its cover, but the reality is that people make assumptions about products based on their packaging. That can be a benefit or a drawback depending on the brand and the packaging designer. For high-end brands, it means primarily that luxury packaging is a must-have feature. Read on to find out when to make the extra investment in luxury packaging.

Chocolates and Candies

Brands that sell high-end chocolates and candies intended as gifts or for serving at parties can benefit significantly from luxury packaging. The carefully designed rigid boxes that are typically used can serve multiple purposes. They not only draw in buyers at the store but also provide an easy way to improve presentation. Buyers won’t even have to take the chocolates out of the box if they intend on offering them to guests and gift recipients will feel that they’ve received something truly worthwhile.

Cosmetics and Neutraceuticals

High-end cosmetics and neutraceuticals often come in fragile containers that need extra protection. As Leading designers reveal the biggest trends in packaging design of 2022 so far, using innovative designs with both practical and aesthetic goals tops the list. Luxury packaging protects glass containers, but according to realtimecampaign.com, that’s not what makes it really stand out to buyers. It’s the superior quality of materials, designs, and branding.

Expensive Liquor

Research shows that vodka drinkers, at least, tend to pay more attention to the shapes of their liquor bottles than the names on the labels, and there’s a reason for that. Well-designed, eye-catching bottles stick in their minds in ways that brand names alone do not. The same logic can be applied to packaging, especially in the adult beverages industry. Rigid boxes from Epic Packaging that feature eye-catching designs on the outside and plenty of protection for glass bottles on the inside offer luxury liquor brands a way to stand out from the competition.

Perfumes and Colognes

Like high-end liquor, perfumes and colognes aimed at the wealthy almost always come in unique bottles that tell a story about their brands. These bottles are designed to be displayed, not hidden away in a medicine cabinet. For companies that have the extra resources to invest in luxury packaging, the same can apply to boxes.

Trendy Products

Luxury packaging is always worth it for high-end products. These days, though, there’s another group of manufacturers that can benefit from using heavily branded rigid boxes: anyone selling trending products. Research shows that social media users can be turned into unwitting social ambassadors, especially through the use of branded hashtag challenges. This technique is most effective if the products have unique, eye-catching, and memorable packaging.

The General Rule of Thumb

Not all manufacturers will see a type of product that’s comparable to their own on the list above. That doesn’t mean they should rule out luxury packaging, as this list is certainly not exhaustive. Instead, follow this general rule of thumb: if direct competitors are using luxury packaging, do the same. It will be almost impossible to compete among upscale markets otherwise.

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