It’s important to have a good relationship with money

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It’s important to have a good relationship with money

November 01
17:04 2022

Kim Brown changes mindsets, businesses, and lives. The viral TEDx speaker and global NLP Practitioner has a fascinating money mindset and perspective to share with you.

You’d perhaps imagine winning the lottery would solve all your problems?

The average lottery winner goes broke within 3 – 5 years. Most of these people declare bankruptcy and are worse off after their win than before.

So, what does it tell us about money?

Or more importantly, what’s it telling us about people and their relationship with money?

It’s quite simple: if you have the underlying unconscious belief that “I am not good enough”, “fear of failure”, “fear of success”, or “I am not worthy”, then it doesn’t matter what line of work or business you are in, then you simply won’t succeed to your full potential.

And this is what happens with our lottery winners. The unconscious beliefs around “not being worthy of wealth” or “not being deserving of wealth” is what gets them into trouble.

You see, if these winners had already had the positive belief system around money, then there’s a great chance their bank accounts would have already been healthy. But it’s common for these people to believe that the lottery win is going to be what changes their lives for them and therefore the beliefs around being good enough, deserving enough and worthy enough were not in place unconsciously before the windfall.

Rich people don’t gamble their money on the lottery. They already have the belief systems and money creation strategies in place, so gambling is a very poor use of their money. Poor people pray that the lottery will bring them wealth, happiness, and a comfortable life. They are relying on luck to change their lives rather than doing the inner work to change their beliefs, habits, and behaviours.

So, let’s apply this understanding to someone’s business. It’s not the smartest or most intelligent person that has the most financial success in business. It’s the person or persons with the best money mindset.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are right.” Henry Ford. This statement is the nuts and bolts of any successful (or failing) entrepreneur. Self-belief is the cornerstone of every thought, every action, every habit, every behaviour and therefore the consequences of the business / life / health of an individual or organisation.

Why is it that some people succeed, and others don’t?

Why is it that some people are rich, and others aren’t?

Let me tell you, it is rarely the intelligence or the education level of the person that dictates the outcome.

It is the belief system. Period.

If you think you need to work hard to create wealth, then that’s what you will create.

If you think money is hard to come by, that’s what you will create.

If you think all mums struggle to lose weight after having children, that’s what you will create.

If you think all older people are in pain and slow moving, that’s what you will create.

What you think and what you believe create your reality.

Simple steps to change your current reality:

Focus on what you have, and not what you have not. Be grateful for it. Be grateful for your car regardless of how cool it is. Be grateful for your home regardless of how small it is. Be grateful for your internet connection, your phone, your laptop, your ability to think, your ability to learn.

Then as you become more grateful and appreciative, your world will start changing. Be thankful for ALL income (includes discounts, vouchers, government payments, personal income) rather than cursing how little there is. If you are not appreciating what you have, then why would you get more?

Be thankful for your body, your health, your ability to move, your ability to think. You will be surprised how quickly this can improve too. Learn from mentors who have already achieved what you are looking for and model them. They made it work well, why can’t you?

Have fun at what you do. If you don’t like what you’re doing, motivation will not be natural. It will be forced, and your potential customers will notice. Believe in yourself! You are learning, you are growing, you are becoming. Keep going!

The key to any business is 80% mindset / emotional intelligence, 20% strategy. Ultimately, you can have the best strategies in the world, but if you don’t have the beliefs, desires, motivation, or habits to put it all into place and take action steps, then the best strategies will never get implemented or followed through with. And then if you did have financial success, there is so much risk to losing it if the mindset is not positive around being deserving and worthy to keep the wealth.

Business always requires balance, strategy, and discipline especially when run from home with the myriad of distractions at play. So, therefore the goal setting and “why” is so important. Without a compelling reason to actually “do the do”, then you don’t have a business! And once the business is rolling in the cash, without a healthy money mindset of the business owners, then it’s not too long before the ship starts sinking anyway.

It’s quite simple: if you have the underlying unconscious belief that “I am not good enough”, “fear of failure”, “fear of success”, or “I am not worthy”, “I am not deserving”, then it doesn’t matter what you’re selling or promoting, your business won’t succeed to its full potential.

So, to keep work at work, and play at play, you need to be super clear “why” you are doing what you do. So many business owners will say they are doing their business to give their family the best in life, but then are glued to their business, never making time for the one reason they are doing it, their family.

This is where time blocking can become a game changer. What segments of your week are dedicated ONLY to family? What segments of your week are dedicated ONLY to your business? What time does your phone / emails get switched off?

By separating work from family, you can create boundaries and expectations. Some business owners think they will lose clientele if they are not available 24 / 7, but let’s put that in perspective. The Post Office is not available after hours during the week, or past 1pm on Saturdays, and you don’t get angry at them. The banks have limited daytime working hours, and you don’t expect them to answer your call on a Sunday. So as a business owner, where do you draw the line?

Many businesses have successful PAs and VAs that can run your business admin / queries on your behalf, meaning the business is still getting attention. Just not from you! Separate your home life from work life or you will become resentful to your business or burn out. Or lose your family members.

Remember the reason you are working so hard, your why. And honour them! Your kids are only young for a short time. Be around them, be present.

Set up automations in your business. Voice mails, auto response text messages or emails. The sooner your business has high enough profit for a VA or PA, get help. Your business will be able to take on more work, without it coming from the owner. Be sure to block out holidays, well in advance! Pre plan the year! Your business WILL survive without you for a week or 2.

Kim Brown is a global entrepreneur, international speaker, mentor, coach and an expert in Time Line Therapy®️ training / Time Line Therapy®️

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