Why Fall Is the Perfect Time for Air Conditioner Service Calls According to Realtimecampaign.com

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Why Fall Is the Perfect Time for Air Conditioner Service Calls According to Realtimecampaign.com

November 01
18:54 2022
Why Fall Is the Perfect Time for Air Conditioner Service Calls According to Realtimecampaign.com

Homeowners and their families rely on air conditioning systems to keep them comfortable all summer long, but they often forget all about these crucial pieces of HVAC equipment as soon as the temperatures start to drop back into a comfortable range. That’s a mistake. Instead of just ignoring AC units until the next summer, homeowners should take the time to schedule routine AC maintenance and repairs in the fall. Read on to find out why.

It’s Easier To Get an Appointment

Because HVAC technicians handle both air conditioning and furnace services, their schedules start filling up fast once winter hits. Waiting until the busy season makes it much more difficult for homeowners to get appointments that fit their schedules. However, according to realtimecampaign.com, even late fall is usually an acceptable time to schedule a tune-up.

Technicians Will Have Time To Make Repairs

Waiting until the early spring, which tends to be HVAC companies’ next off-season, can leave technicians without the time they need to repair any issues they find during routine inspections and tune-ups. That’s part of why The Team at 24/7 AC Repair Garland Urges Homeowners to Look for Warning Signs of Needed Air Conditioning Repair well in advance of the home cooling season. Waiting until summer is just around the corner to schedule a service call means increasing the chances that the entire household will have to swelter in the heat while waiting for parts, a new unit, or an available HVAC tech or that tenants at rental properties will start filing complaints.

An Opportunity To Check the Furnace, Too

When homeowners work with companies like Valley Service that provide both heating and cooling services, they can have technicians perform pre-season checks of their furnaces during AC service calls. This saves time and helps to ensure that nothing is wrong with the home’s heating system that could cause it to go out in the dead of winter. Most experts recommend that full AC or furnace inspections and maintenance be performed as two separate visits, but that doesn’t mean HVAC techs can’t double-check to make sure everything is looking good with the furnace heading into the home heating season. There is a whole list of things that could go wrong if general wear and tear aren’t addressed at preventative maintenance inspections, so homeowners who are on the fence about whether it’s worth scheduling an extra visit can view it now to see if it changes their minds.

It’s Always Worth Being Responsible About Home Maintenance

Everyone has heard the saying, an ounce of prevention is equal to a pound of cure. This is just as true of home support system maintenance as it is of human health. Uncovering hidden problems with an air conditioner as quickly as possible reduces the chances of their leading to more serious system breakdowns, so it’s never worth putting off necessary inspections, maintenance, or repairs. Schedule an air conditioning service call before the temperatures start to drop in earnest to avoid more expensive issues in the future.

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