Nateskin Releases New Line of Natural Deodorants to the Southeast Asian Market

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Nateskin Releases New Line of Natural Deodorants to the Southeast Asian Market

November 01
17:30 2022
Nateskin Releases New Line of Natural Deodorants to the Southeast Asian Market
100% Natural Deodorants guaranteed to leave you smelling fresh all day.

Nateskin is a Malaysian brand that is known for its premium quality trimmers for men and women. Today, they are expanding their range of products with their recent release of quality natural deodorants that have a potential for market growth.

Nateskin’s new range of natural deodorants come in three scents; Matcha, Coconut & Vanilla, and Bergamot & Lime. They incorporated the use of natural ingredients like coconut oil and shea butter, instead of sweat inhibitors AKA antiperspirants that are known for clogging pores significantly.

Most commercial deodorant brands in the market carry antiperspirants like aluminium and chemicals like parabens. As Bhat & Patel (2021) quoted in their journal article, common deodorant additives like aluminium have been associated with a range of negative health impacts like Alzheimer’s and cancer. Although the link to cancer has not been definitely proven, studies have shown that aluminium might also cause respiratory problems in susceptible people. Not to mention, deodorants also play a serious role in allergic dermatitis due to fragrances, therefore further proving the effectiveness of natural alternatives that inhibit odour forming bacteria are considered beneficial for consumer safety.

In the modern world of beauty and fashion, natural deodorants are gaining popularity as most people would prefer natural products over synthetic ones for their self-care routines to further enhance their beauty, as they no doubt supply the body with more nutrients that strengthen their overall health. This along with the fact that they are more environmentally friendly provides consumer satisfaction as they are free from synthetic chemicals and have fewer side-effects.

Thanks to the use of natural ingredients like Shea Butter, Tapioca Starch and Coconut Oil, the deodorants are in turn non-sticky or greasy, fast drying, and gentle on the skin which makes them suitable for people with all skin types, especially sensitive skin. Nateskin is also opposed to animal cruelty, making all their products cruelty-free.

In the words of Nateskin’s founder, Jared Chuah, “We want to create a healthy relationship between people and their bodies, and to normalise having open conversations about matters that are considered too taboo.”

About the brand

Nateskin hopes to elevate the personal care experiences of everyday people by providing the best quality solutions to issues that people are usually too shy to talk about and are considered taboo in society.

More information about Nateskin can be found on the brand’s official website:

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Phone: +60174020852
Country: Malaysia

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