Hair Fairies Iterates Commitment to Providing Top-Notch, Customer-Oriented Solutions and Product for Head Lice Issues in the United States

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Hair Fairies Iterates Commitment to Providing Top-Notch, Customer-Oriented Solutions and Product for Head Lice Issues in the United States

October 05
18:53 2022
The head lice treatment service founded in 1999 has consistently provided families and individuals with healthy and effective solutions to their head lice problems

Choosing a lice removal company from the exhausting list of service providers in the United States can be a challenging and uphill task. Since the art is quite delicate, it can be difficult deciding which service provider will deliver on their promises as some agencies may rely on toxic chemicals and products to perform head lice treatments and proffer solutions. These chemicals and products adopted by these agencies can be detrimental to the skin and general body wellbeing. Only companies that offer head lice treatments with natural products and professional expertise should be trusted and Hair Fairies is one of such companies in the United States.

Over the last two decades, Hair Fairies has positioned itself as a leading provider of head lice treatment and solutions in the United States. The company adopts a family-friendly and customer-oriented approach to providing its head lice solutions leaving thousands of customers and families happy and having lice-free hair. From evaluation to treatment and prevention, Hair Fairies is a one-stop shop for head lice related issues and guarantees an unparalleled experience for clients.

“There is no denying that we are one of the best providers of head lice treatment in the United States,” explained a spokesperson for the company. “We offer treatment in a family-friendly, clean-salon environment, and provide mobile service for families within range of our salons. Our goal is to provide the best head lice treatment and solutions in the United States and we have done it consistently over the last two decades. Going forward, we will improve the quality of our services to accommodate more customers and meet their needs speedily.”

Hair Fairies services are divided into three comprehensive categories including evaluation, treatment, and prevention. Under evaluation, if one comes in contact with head lice, an evaluation by one of Hair Fairies’s specially trained technicians can provide immediate peace of mind. The Hair Fairies’s technician manually combs through the entire hair to check for nits and lice.

The agency has tens of salons where they offer a manual lice removal technique known as Nit-Zapping™ to treat and eliminate lice. At Hair Fairies, the highly trained specialists utilize patented combs and all-natural products to manually remove head lice quickly and safely. This highly successful, labor-intensive treatment is becoming increasingly important to families affected by head lice for two reasons:

  1. Many over-the-counter lice shampoos and sprays have become highly toxic in order to combat the various forms of lice
  2. Head lice have developed increased resistance to lice shampoos and their ingredients (specifically permethrin) despite increased levels of toxicity.

In its prevention package, Hair Fairies is committed to preventing the spread of head lice by offering free screenings at schools and camps across the country. The agency provides support and education for families dealing with an infestation. To adequately meet the needs of Americans, every staff at Hair Fairies undergo extensive training from experienced providers and are carefully supervised during every aspect of the treatment process.

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