The Timeshare Advice Line described as the smarter way to get out of a timeshare contract

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The Timeshare Advice Line described as the smarter way to get out of a timeshare contract

September 24
01:38 2022

The Timeshare Advice Line is proud to announce they can help most timeshare owners who are stuck in an unwanted timeshare contract exit their liability with a 100% risk free process- this must be news to the ears to those who have struggled to find a way to have their timeshare contract cancelled without paying huge up-front fees!

According to the Timeshare Advice Line there are many reasons someone may want to cancel their timeshare such as old age, rising maintenance fees, lack of availability when they try to book, falling standard on the resort, or the timeshare product they once loved could simply no longer meet their requirements.  The Timeshare Advice Line understands it can be difficult to know where to turn. 

Company director Bethan Pryce commented:

“We speak to people on a daily basis who have lost money paying huge upfront fees to so called companies and this simply has to stop.  No timeshare owner should have to pay upfront for the disposal of their timeshare property- We feel that timeshare owners have suffered enough and should not be put under the additional strain and worry that they may be getting ripped off.  That’s why our pricing is fixed and agreed at the outset with no payment due until the owner has full legal confirmation that they no longer own the property, this has to be the safest way to exit a timeshare contract and the only sort of option that an owner should consider.” 

The Timeshare Advice Line advises that anyone looking to get out of a timeshare ownership get expert independent advice and not be too trusting of any advice given by a representative of the timeshare company as often their main objective is to keep owners paying maintenance fees!  The Timeshare Advice Line suggests the following guidelines be followed to make sure owners don’t put themselves at risk when looking to exit a timeshare contract

–  Don’t EVER deal with a company who illegally cold calls
–  Never take the risk of paying upfront fees to sell, exit or claim
–  Always get everything in writing and don’t be pressured to sign up immediately
–  Get a price comparison from a couple of firms
–  Check out online reviews

The Timeshare Advice Line Ltd is a UK company and has been trading since 2015 and they work with some of the most respected and experienced timeshare lawyers to offer all owners a safe and affordable way to legally cancel their timeshare contract.  Anyone who is currently considering their timeshare options should visit and place an enquiry or call the customer services team free on 0800 060 8729.

Media Contact
Company Name: The Timeshare Advice Line
Contact Person: Bethan Pryce
Email: Send Email
Phone: 0800 060 8729
Address:Blades Business Hub, John St, Highfiled
City: Sheffield, S2 4QX
Country: United Kingdom

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