One-Of-A-Kind MOONGRASS NFT Collection By Bored N Baked Club Is Making Leaps And Bounds In The Crypto Space

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One-Of-A-Kind MOONGRASS NFT Collection By Bored N Baked Club Is Making Leaps And Bounds In The Crypto Space

September 23
06:45 2022

MOONGRASS by Bored N Baked Club is a revolutionary collection of 7777 valuable and unique digital collectibles as a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) ready to take over the blockchain world.

As digital technology continues to change how people perceive and interact with the world around them, blockchain technology is poised to alter the existing art paradigm. For non-fungible tokens or Nfts, the digital artwork sector challenges the traditional art business. The NFT domain is expected to transform the art landscape due to its many qualities and benefits.

To provide an experience never seen before, MOONGRASS by Bored N Baked Club is one of the cutting-edge yet eye-catching collections of 7777 unique PFPs on the Ethereum blockchain that one should not overlook. These new forms of creative artwork are hand-drawn then digitally created as a collectible and deployed to a decentralized network. The team has paid close attention to detail, creating unique and jaw-dropping artwork within this ongoing project.

Take a walk on the wild side and discover a new world of PFPs from their collection. MOONGRASS is shaking up the industry like no other, with technologies designed to revolutionize how NFTs will be employed in the future. The creative NFT artists behind the MOONGRASS project enjoy experimenting with color contrast to create many layers and distinct textures that highlight the different beauty of characters. The next-generation creative NFTs are available at a Mint Price of 0.2 ETH on, the most well-known NFT marketplace.

When asked about the uniqueness of the NFTs, the founder said, “With a love for art, community, and the blockchain, we are a team dedicated to creating a unique utility token in the form of a hand-drawn character that doubles as membership to the Bored N Baked Club, where we will host giveaways, IRL popup events, merchandise drops, and more. Our mission is to bring a whole new taste into this Blockchain world through a well-thought-out product that is both easy-to-use and rewarding.”

The most promising NFT efforts are built on communities of passionate individuals; the larger and more devoted the community, the more successful the NFT project. Therefore, everyone is welcome to join The Bored N Baked Club and be part of a community working together to create a space in one of the upcoming metaverses. By purchasing any NFT from “The MOONGRASS collection,” the holder will receive voting and management rights to the area in the metaverse and unlocks exclusive benefits across many platforms.

The MOONGRASS NFTs hold great value outside of just the artwork, making the purchase a wise investment. Seasonal launches will be utilized to expand the project, with each release focused on a particular Endeavor inside the space while rewarding and governing all holders. For more information about getting hands on one of these unique artworks, visit their website

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