Board the Loft Whilst Achieving Good Insulation with Loft Boarding Specialist Help

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Board the Loft Whilst Achieving Good Insulation with Loft Boarding Specialist Help

January 03
12:58 2022

Loft boarding is one of the most effective ways to increase storage space at home. Homeowners find it an ideal place to keep items that are not required on regular basis such as collectibles, Christmas decorations, and other stuff that does not find appropriate space in any other corner of the house.

Homeowners can find many unique ways to handle the loft boarding process. Many of them prefer using chipboards that are also recognized as low-density fibreboards. As the name indicates, they are made up of wood chippings and sawmill shavings; therefore, they are the most budget-friendly options available in the market. Chipboards that are designed for loft boarding purposes are available in a variety of size ranges that can easily fit into loft hatch. They can also slot together conveniently due to their groove design and tongue.

However, homeowners can also find many alternative wooden materials in the market for loft boarding needs. One common option is plywood that is usually a strong material and is made up of two or multiple layers of veneer.

While planning about loft boarding, one of the most important concerns for homeowners is to achieve high-quality insulation. Well, the Loft Boarding Specialists at Victorian Insulation are ready to help homeowners with the most reliable and trustworthy loft boarding insulation solutions. It is important to mention that loft boarding requirements have changed by a considerable level within the past few years in the United Kingdom and other countries as well.

For instance, insulation arrangement in the household loft has become an essential requirement for all the properties in UK. As per the standard insulation requirements for domestic properties, loft insulation have 270mm thickness. However, the newly build property loft insulation may even go up to 350 to 400mm thickness. One of the best ways to achieve this insulation requirement for lofts is to use raised loft boarding. In this process, the boarding system needs to go above the insulation so that an adequate air gap can be maintained between loft boards and insulation to prevent condensation issues.

Most heat loss in living spaces usually happens through the roof. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain loft insulation thickness levels as guided by building regulations. A perfectly insulated loft can maintain warmth in the house during the winter season and it stays cool in the summer. A well-insulated loft leads to a colder loft space that allows more heat to be trapped inside the home. Therefore, homeowners also need to ensure insulation to the water pipes in the loft area. The warm moist air penetrating through the ceiling into the loft may condense against all the cold surfaces available within the loft area. In order to solve this problem, the professionals at Loft Boarding Specialists ensure that loft spaces have enough ventilation so that air can flow well from one side to another through vents within soffits.

The Victorian Insulation offer 10 years guarantee on loft boarding system (depend on system). Therefore, homeowners can rely on their services. They also provide services for free designing and Free Survey. The homeowners can book an appointment for loft boarding as per their convenient schedules and the professional teams can execute this project within one day most of the time. These professional services can convert dangerous lofts at home into safe, bright, and spacious storage areas. They follow raised loft boarding techniques as per the latest loft insulation standards. With these services, homeowners can enjoy high-quality loft boarding solutions for their property. Loft boarding not only creates additional storage space at home; rather, it can also help to save more on fuel or energy bills.

The Victorian Insulation Loft Boarding Specialists are constantly working on the latest loft hatches and advanced boarding solutions to help homeowners keep up with the latest technologies. Along with loft hatch fitting service, they also provide loft ladder installation in various geographical areas of the United Kingdom. These teams have also worked with government agencies to install energy-saving products. It clearly means that they are well knowledgeable installers for loft insulation.

About Victorian Insulation

Loft Boarding Specialists at Victorian Insulation have years of experience in the loft work and insulation industry. They are consistently searching latest methods for energy-saving and ventilation management. Victorian Insulation was approved service provider for loft insulation under the government’s backup scheme. They are worked with this scheme for the past several years and are known for delivering top-notch services with up-to-date standards. Moreover, they have a huge satisfied customer base in the every corner of United Kingdom with years of high quality services.

During the government energy saving working time most of their loft insulation installation works are checked by certification bodies and approved through reputed auditing companies in the country such as BBA, Ofgem, and Stroma, etc. These fully insured service providers can help homeowners to maintain government-set standards for loft boarding insulation. They carry out all insulation projects with years of experience and high-level field knowledge. They work with several award-winning advisors in the industry and offer 10 years warranty on every loft boarding projects (depend on system). Other than this, homeowners can also contact them for a variety of other services like balustrades & grab rails, loft hatches, loft ladder, loft clearance, lighting, loft lining & trim, as well as loft shelving. Therefore, homeowners can avail themselves of one loft management service from these loft boarding specialists. 

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