Bringing a positive change to the world, Bread & Fish Foundation has established ‘House Of Bread’ in Bethlehem to provide free bread

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Bringing a positive change to the world, Bread & Fish Foundation has established ‘House Of Bread’ in Bethlehem to provide free bread

October 22
00:03 2020
Bread & Fish Foundation commemorates the works of Jesus and strives to share positivity in today’s world of chaos, disorder and hustle. Bread & Fish Foundation donates free bread to people on a daily basis, that is done by remembering the act of the feeding of the 5000. Moreover, Bread & Fish Foundation also plans to fish on the Sea of Galilee and cleans the environment by gathering the litter from public places.

Switzerland – People are living a totally hectic life, busy in each of their own work and tasks, not caring for other people. Things were much simpler in the old days when people used to look after each other. Bread & Fish Foundation aims that people, along with their own lives, should look for each other, especially those who are poor, orphan, widow and old. Keeping that in mind, and remembering the miracle of bread, Bread & Fish Foundation has been providing free bread to people in Bethlehem, daily under the new project, ‘House of Bread’. Bread & Fish Foundation also plan fishing trips in the Sea of Galilee and actively takes measures to clean the public Holy areas to make them free of all the littering.

Bread & Fish Foundation strives to help people, especially those who need it the most like the widows, orphans, old people and the people with disabilities. The foundation is active to remember the works and miracles of Jesus that he did for his nation and followers. He is remembered and his legacy is continued by Bread & Fish Foundation. Bread & Fish Foundation is a non-profit organization which feeds Hundreds of people with bread each day and thus fills the empty stomachs of those who need to eat.

With its inception laid on 27th November 2019, Bread & Fish Foundation has since been striving to make the world a better place, Even though it Has been Supporting the People of Bethlehem since 2018, Andreas Krieg is the founder of Bread & Fish Foundation and also acts as the President of the Board of Trustees, Markus Stenzel and Peter Wursch act as members, the foundation has been blooming since the start of the operation. The foundation receives some donations from people who are eager to help each other since they know that Bread & Fish Foundation is a trusty foundation which will put the money to great causes. The funds also come from the founder, Andreas Krieg and his company.

The establishment of House of Bread in Bethlehem has been a massive success, feeding the poor and helping them out. The reason to choose Bethlehem as the place of operation lies in the fact that Bethlehem is the birthplace of Jesus; Bread & Fish Foundation wants to continue the legacy of Jesus in today’s world. In addition to that, Bethlehem means “City of Bread” in Aramaic, which is the language Jesus spoke.

Another great cause that Bread & Fish Foundation does is the cleaning of public Holy places and making them free from any kind of littering. Some people don’t care about the environment and throw garbage anywhere, thus spoiling the natural beauty of the environment. Bread & Fish Foundation wants to restore the natural beauty of such places and wishes to make them cleaner and healthier so that they look more pleasing to the eyes.

Fishing in Galilee is another project that has been initiated by Bread & Fish Foundation. This project again honors and remembers the legacy of Jesus. This is the place where the miracle of feeding the 5000 people took place. The Sea of Galilee is also the place where Jesus used to work and made his living. Under this initiative, a fishing boat is built specifically for the purpose of fishing. Moreover, this boat resembles the boat that Jesus used to have at his time.

Commemorating and honoring Jesus and his work, Bread & Fish Foundation has been operating successfully and is expanding at a large rate. The foundation is a work of helping people and providing them with what they need along with the remembrance of Jesus.

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