Indie singer-songwriter releases new single promoting message of unity during pandemic, protests

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Indie singer-songwriter releases new single promoting message of unity during pandemic, protests

June 16
13:57 2020
‘We are one’ from artist Shirra encourages Americans to come together to fight for good

Rising singer and songwriter Shirra has dropped a new single with deeply personal meaning that also has a message of hope for Americans in the midst of global unrest.

As Americans grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic and the civil unrest caused by George Floyd’s death in Minnesota, the artist Shirra has released the song “We Are One,” now available where songs can be downloaded.

According to Shirra, her new song’s lyrics resonate with current events across the U.S. today.

“From the pandemic to Black Lives Matter protests over George Floyd’s death, people are coming together,” she said. “Just as my song title says, I want to remind the world that we are one.”

Shirra believes her powerful new ballad’s larger message about resilience will have universal appeal.

“The chorus is about not giving up or giving in, even when everything is against you and you have nothing else,” she said. “It’s about faith, hope, and believing in yourself even when no one does.”

Shirra originally penned her song to express her own life experiences. It wasn’t until later that a new meaning emerged as people are uniting all over the world to fight for good.

“When I wrote the chorus, I was writing about my personal experiences,” Shirra said.

She now envisions the song as an anthem for crowds of protestors shouting “We Are One” in unison.

“I believe music is what binds us and reminds us how human we all are,” she said.

Listen to the full “We Are One” track at

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About Shirra

Shirra is a rising indie songwriter and recording artist who wields her soulful voice to unbury and explore the universal feelings hidden in every heart. Born in Kenya by the name Rachael Gitumbi, Shirra draws in listeners and makes them feel what she feels while inspiring them to love and embrace life. As a singer, her voice balances youthful sweetness with timeless depth as it carries words bearing messages intended to spark inspiration and move people to overcome and be better.

Learn more about Shirra at Follow Shirra on Facebook (@shirramusic), Instagram (@shirra_music) and Twitter (@shirra_music).

Artist: Shirra

Single: We Are One

Vocals: Shirra

Production: Surreal Productions

Licensing: Shirra Music



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