Marketing Expert Luis Parrales Shares The Keys To Brand Success

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Marketing Expert Luis Parrales Shares The Keys To Brand Success

June 15
20:29 2020

Luis Parrales, co-owner of Around the Corner Marketing in Fresno, CA, is a trailblazer in the marketing industry due to his people-centered approach and genuine interest in the story behind the business. He and his partner Eric de Jong are building their successful brand by helping others tell their stories.  Their motto is “Every company has a story that deserves to be told.” Through their innovative approach to digital marketing, they are able to highlight authentic stories behind solopreneurs all the way to multi-million dollar organizations.

When asked about what businesses can do to build their brand to stand out from the rest, Parrales says, “Don’t overthink it and remember that everyone has a story to tell.”  Parrales provided the following points to consider when building or improving upon your brand:

1. If people can’t find you, they can’t do business with you. Get in front of your target audience by updating your business profile on search engines, making sure your social media profiles are up to date and have accurate and relevant information on your website. 

2. Customers buy products and services from brands they trust. It is imperative to build rapport with your clients in order to cultivate relationships where they are supported and connected. Sharing information about your products/services, highlighting special developments at your business, and doing an employee spotlight takes you to the next level.

3. Top companies are consistent. They have established brand colors, values, and messages which make them easily recognized by consumers. Use these same principles to make your business stand out. 

4. Does your company have a monthly newsletter? What about a content calendar for social media? If you aren’t staying in touch with your customers, they might forget about you. Implement a content calendar to help you plan out your social media posts, create a monthly newsletter, or consider direct mail opportunities. The bottom line is to stay in touch! 

Luis Parrales and the team at Around the Corner Marketing are ready to help you build or boost your brand. For more information about the company, visit their website: 

If you’d like to connect with Mr. Parrales personally, you can find him on LinkedIn, Instagram, or visit his website.

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