Kyle Ferguson is urging his readers to carry out a critical analysis of their religion in his book titled “The Christian Bubble”

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Kyle Ferguson is urging his readers to carry out a critical analysis of their religion in his book titled “The Christian Bubble”

June 15
20:22 2020
Kyle Ferguson, author of the bestseller, ‘The Christian Bubble’ teaches love, gratitude, and compassion over blind faith to help devout Christians burst the illusory bubble, and seek the truth!

Montreal, Quebec, Canada – Kyle Ferguson is a human and civil rights activist, public speaker, and author of two books.

He is dedicated to making the world a better place to live by spreading love and knowledge via books, actions, and various media sources.

Kyle earned major attention from the world when his first book, “The Christian Bubble” became a bestseller on Amazon.

‘The Christian Bubble: Bursting the Bubble of Religious Fear with Love and Light’ is a must-read book for every intellectual Christian. In this literary piece, the author sums up his life experiences.

He sheds light on how he was living in a bubble, and then encountered something mysterious that led him to question everything he had been forced to believe.

On his journey to seek the truth, he came face to face with astonishing facts and learned cunning ways in which the church is instilling fear in the hearts and minds of the believers.

He wrote this book in an attempt to examine Christianity by relentlessly studying how the most prominent figures in modern history- took massive action, questioned divine authority, and fought for our rights and freedom.

‘The Christian Bubble’, has been read by readers across the globe. The book became a bestseller because it had the ability to expand consciousness with the quality of research and ideas presented in it.

In the words of one of the readers Jim Flannery: “I dug this book. Though I feel like my Christian bubble was burst many years ago, this book takes a creative approach to point out some very concrete historical stories that show a great deal of hypocrisy in Christianity.

I especially like the way the chapters focused on different individuals and stories in these digestible bites, especially the parts on Mother Theresa and Nikola Tesla. A quick and pleasant read.” The book is available on Amazon to be purchased.

Readers can also purchase Kyle Ferguson’s new book, ‘Compassion is Not a Crime’, in which the author tells the story of Anita Krajnc, how she was arrested for feeding water to thirsty pigs, on their way to slaughter, on a scorching hot day, and her trial.

Kyle Ferguson urges the audiences to adopt a vegan diet and show compassion to the animals, as well as the planet.

About the Author:

Kyle Ferguson is a bestselling author and public speaker who is passionate about making the world a better place for everyone.

Kyle has written two books about love and gratitude, and he co-founded a human and animal rights organization, The Light Movement on Facebook.

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