AU French Master Makeup Egg Sells Well in COSTCO

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AU French Master Makeup Egg Sells Well in COSTCO

June 15
19:38 2020

The reporter learned that AU French master makeup egg, the new product of Australia’s first line skin care brand EAORON in 2020, made its first appearance in COSTCO, and attracts consumers all over the world with its “superlative” makeup effect and superior cost performance. It was selected as the designated product concerning Paris Fashion Week and became a popular star product in Australian and European markets.

EAORON’S skin care products have all along been COSTCO’S hot selling products. “Star set” of AU French master makeup eggs, which is the new product of EAORON’S makeup tools collection, launched in COSTCO, and prompted a new rush buying. It is reported that thousands of consumers, within a week, have been attracted to rush to buy the product, and tens of thousands of sets of products have been sold.

“We know that many consumers are looking forward to this new product, after continuous efforts, it has finally come into the market recently, and we are very happy that this product has been warmly responded by the market,” according to the marketing director of EAORON brand, “AU means “unique art”, which is a brand jointly founded by EAORON and VALENTIN, a French cosmetics master.” With its material, design and technological innovation, AU French master makeup egg aims to solve the makeup difficulties such as difficult to wear makeup and lasting makeup, it makes the bottom makeup more uniform, delicate, traceless and durable, and helps the majority of women easily create flawless makeup.

“I’ve long noticed that EAORON has a new makeup egg, which is the designated product of Paris Fashion Week. I came to buy Costco as soon as I heard it was put on the shelves,” Kong, a woman from Lujiazui, Shanghai, said happily, “I thought the price should not be cheap, but I didn’t expect the super cost-effective “star set” was launched directly, so I bought two sets directly, after all, such preferential sets are not always available.”

It is understood that the head of the design department of EAORON R & D team said that in order to meet the needs of more details of women’s makeup, AU French master makeup egg has designed a variety of shapes, which can make users easily wear makeup without dead angle at 360 degrees. For example, the multi-faceted makeup egg can enhance the covering power of T-area, mandible and other parts, thus making the makeup more lasting. Beveled makeup egg can carve the surrounding parts of eyes and lips for detailed decoration, making the makeup look more delicate. Double section makeup egg can be used for large area of the face to makeup, this allows for faster and more uniform makeup. And the round and lovely “mango makeup egg” can achieve flawless beauty, but also meet everyone’s romance of a teenage girl.

In terms of material, the main material of AU French master makeup egg is fluffy foam body memory inner material. AU-PLUS German polymer foaming technology is used, with delicate pores and extremely soft, it is more skin tight when wearing makeup, and more tight and flawless after wearing makeup. In addition, it also adopts the “black technology” of non powder absorption coating to truly realize non powder absorption, which not only improves the effect of wearing makeup, but also eliminates the waste of bottom makeup.

“EAORON, the ‘medical geek’ in Australia, has successfully extended its concept of superlative skin care to the field of makeup tools with a new makeup egg, and has made a huge response in the global market through COSTCO channel, which has received a lot of praise,” according to the analysis of a senior observer in the makeup industry, “EAORON’S new AU French master makeup egg continues to be popular in the global market, entering a new era of makeup eggs, and comprehensively upgrading the quality requirements of consumers for makeup tools.“

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