How This Millennial Is Beating All Odds, Financially

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How This Millennial Is Beating All Odds, Financially

June 15
16:57 2020

Field, born and raised in Zimbabwe, came from a rougher upbringing than most. Growing up in a third world African Country, like many, he aspired to one day, make something of himself and become successful. In this story, we will show how he is well on his way there.

“I have seen both extremes,” Field says. “I’ve seen and experienced poverty and lack, being from a third world country. I’ve also seen how the wealthiest countries in the world lived when I came to America,” he added. “This has given me a unique perspective on life.”

Field, who chronicles his financial journey on his blog, Digest Your Finances, came to the United States for college, with nothing but two suitcases, a backpack, and a laptop. Like most of his peers, he went through college and graduated with average grades. This then brought upon the hardest parts of his journey.

“Being an international student, getting employment, and even residency was not easy” he said. It was during this time that he began focusing on his financial journey and goals to reach financial freedom.

First, he made sure that he eliminated all his consumer debt, as he slowly watched his peers spiral deeper into debt. He paid off his Mercedes after 2 years of owning it and paid off all credit card debt in another 2 years. He then bought his first house at 25 and moved in with his soon to be wife.

After that, he diligently increased his value in the workplace, switched jobs, got certifications, and more than doubled his income within 3 years of graduating. He then bought his first rental property. Throughout all this, he managed to diligently contribute to his 401k, invested in ETFs, started an online business, started blogging, and saved tens of thousands of dollars in his emergency fund and savings.

At the time of writing this, Field, now married, personally earns well over $100,000 year, owns 3 paid off luxury cars, and is in the process of acquiring his second rental property. His personal net worth is about $109,000 and rising. He is 28 years old.

“I have always been quite frugal,” he said, describing his past. “Being from Zimbabwe, it’s always been ingrained in us to be resourceful, to negotiate, and to prioritize saving. My family sacrificed so much for me to be here, so my ambition comes from wanting to make them proud.”

It’s hard to understate how many odds this young man had to overcome to get where he is now. Millennials, on average, have a bad rap when it comes to money. Riddled with student debt, low homeownership, and perceived entitlement by other generations, Field is definitely beating the financial odds of being a Millennial.

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