10 Top Experts Share Their Tips and Strategies for Overcoming Adversity

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10 Top Experts Share Their Tips and Strategies for Overcoming Adversity

June 12
16:01 2020
2020 has been anything but normal or easy, we have faced a health crisis, a wrecked economy, massive unemployment, murder hornets, and civil unrest. We roundup 23 Top Experts to provide their tips on overcoming adversity.

Get Your MOJO On Baby!

by Roger Badenhuizen

When life is just completely kicking me in the nuts, the one thing that always helps is listening to upbeat music. It completely changes your state and allows you to relax while gaining perspective. Jam out to the music, let your guard down for a bit and HAVE FUN. You will be amazed at how focused your mind will be when you come back to whatever problems were affecting you beforehand.

A lighter perspective will always show the way to new (and IMPROVED) solutions!!

I grew up not liking classical music at all. In fact, one of my shining moments in life happened when I was eight years old with my mom in church (not my choice to go). They announced a musical selection by Bach, so I stood up and loudly told my mom I didn’t like Bach and wanted to leave… Now I have learned to appreciate classical music and how it can relax me. Classical music can help you feel more successful. Use whatever music will best inspire you and enjoy the ride!

Questions Are The Answers!

by Bert Martinez

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Believe It or Not adversity is Good. Adversity creates innovation. Some of the world’s biggest companies, products, and or services were derived or created because of adversity. Adversity makes us stronger, makes us more resilient, makes us grateful, and more importantly, makes us humble. Adversity is like a strong workout, we hate it when we are going through it, but we’re so proud at the finish.

My # 1 Tip. So when you’re going through adversity ask empowering questions. What is good about this? What can I learn from this? How will this benefit me in the future? What are the resources that I can tap into?

Bert Martinez is a Marketing Jedi. He’s worked with companies like Google and CBS, as well as over 1000 small businesses to solve their marketing challenges. Bert helps businesses uncover lost and hidden opportunities that could be worth millions. He’s known for laying down growth strategies for businesses in a single conversation. For more information visit Bert Martinez.com

How Many Times Did You Feel that Life was Against You?

by Sylvia Chavez


How many times did you feel that life was against you?

Nothing went right and no matter what you did, everything seems to be against you.

I feel you, my friend, I’ve been there before, but let me tell you one very simple tip that can change your life.

Each one of us (no exceptions) sees the world in a very unique way. “No two people see the same when they look at the same thing.” That is why I want to show you the first thing you need to do when adversity hits you. “Do not take it personally.”

Don’t you think that the world is against you? No matter how hard it is the challenge you are going through and no matter how painful.

Take the time to embrace the feelings you are feeling, do not deny them. Remember that the more you resist, the more it persists, and feelings are there to be felt.

Once you have some time to process what happened, don’t put yourself in the place of the victim. When you take things in a personal way, you allow those facts or circumstances to take over your life and disempower you. Actually, you give your power away to something or someone outside of you, and you lose yourself.

And you, are powerful beyond limits. You have the power to create your life, the whole world you see was created by you and for you.

Anytime you think that a challenge in your life is given to you by some strange force to take you down, or maybe because you have bad luck, or even this pandemic showed up in the exact moment you were thriving and took it all away and you feel that it always happens to you at the worst time. Trust me, there is nothing personal about anything, whether you like it or not, you are not the center of the world, you can be the center of “your world” by allowing yourself to keep learning and growing with every challenge you face.

This life is a school and you were born to learn every single day of it and grow to become the magnificent person you truly are. Greatness is not measured by the times you felt, but by the times you get up. You have the capacity to stand up over and over again for your dreams and make them true.

The Recipe for Adversity Soup is: Faith, Family, Friendship, Hard Work, and Perseverance!

by Karen Hilderbrand


To overcome adversity requires perseverance, hard work, a support system of those that care, and faith in God. Being in business for 33 years with my twin sister has required us to pitch in for each other when one of us faced a tough time that we didn’t think we could come through and wanted to give up. It meant trusting that God would be there, and we would be stronger for the experience both in our personal and business lives.

Check out our podcast “Storytime Anytime”, www.twinsisters.com, or search my author page on Amazon at Karen Mitzo Hilderbrand for wholesome educational products.

Transform The Pain and Struggle Into POWER

by Becky Overbeck

To overcome adversity, you must have a STRONG WHY!

You must have a GOAL, CLEAR VISION or DREAM in mind.

Along any journey there will be struggles, hard times, and days you will want to give up.

But if you are DETERMINED to reach your goal and make your dreams come true, you will dig deeper than you ever thought you could. You will turn the struggle and pain into POWER.

Let the pain and hardships fuel you to work harder.

Always keep your mission forefront in your mind.

To reach any massive goal, it will take persistence, obsession, determination, focus, and a very strong purpose!

Dream it, Believe it, Work your BUTT off, stay positive, and watch as those dreams become reality.

10 Ways to Turn Adversity Into Opportunity

by Rob Liano


In life, adversity is inevitable. You might lose a job, fail a test, or have an accident. Usually, we cannot control these events. However, the one thing we can control is how we respond. We can choose to lie down and surrender or stand up, fists blazing, and fight back.

Since changing how we process difficult events can be a fairly involved process, I’ve turned the letters that make up the word “Adversity” into bite-sized tidbits of insight, so you can turn challenges into triumphs.

A – Assess the circumstance. Is this permanent or temporary?
D – Decide, what’s the first step you can take that will have most impact?
V – Validate that first step. Is this the right move to make right now?
E – Embrace the situation as an opportunity.
R – Release the emotion. A clear mind allows for better decisions.
S – Step away. Take a moment to digest.
I – Identify others who will encourage you. Think VIP party, not pity party.
T – Trust that right now isn’t permanent.
Y – Yield. Produce something exceptional in spite of this challenge.

Which leads me to the most important part of overcoming obstacles. Once you’ve made the decision to change how you process adversity, you must Persevere.

To persevere is to carry on when faced with difficulty, obstacles, or, with little or no prospect of success. Do not give up!

When you decide to persevere and persist, you’ll discover you possess the ability to overcome anything life throws your way. I’d like to share just a few stories of how others just like you have overcome incredible setbacks.

Nick Vujicic was born with no arms nor legs yet despite that “handicap”, he went on to become a world-renowned motivational speaker.

144 publishers rejected the best-selling book series, Chicken Soup for the Soul prior to it being published.

James Dyson created 5000 plus prototypes before inventing the bagless vacuum cleaner.

Walt Disney was fired by his editor from his first job at the Kansas City Star because the editor did not believe Disney possessed imagination or creativity, and we all know how that turned out!

There are countless stories of triumph over tragedy. What ties them together is the individual’s choice to take the hardship and turn it into a victory. But enough about them, this is about you. It’s time to write your own story, make it a happy ending.

How to Overcome Adversity: Executive Coach’s #1 Tip is “The 3 Gifts” Technique

by Edith Hamilton


Understand that every “bad” thing that happens to you can be turned into a GIFT. (Not that the bad thing is a gift: it’s not.) Yet you can CHOOSE to call on your wisdom, compassion and courage to GENERATE:

• The Gift of Knowledge. Imagine you’re “let go” by your company. You’re beset not only by anger, but also guilt. “Maybe I contributed to this by the way I responded (or failed to). Maybe if I had done more of this, or less of that, I could have prevented it.” (Maybe that’s true. Maybe not.) Eventually, consider: “What knowledge or insights would I need to gain so that the payoff in the future will be much greater than what this is costing me right now?” As you ask with genuine curiosity, without judgment, you may come upon insights into behaviors and processes that will open future doors, or save you from much worse later.

• The Gift of Power. When my VP role at a “Fortune 10” firm came to a sudden end, the stock options that evaporated could have bought a new house in Manhattan Beach. For cash. Yikes! Yet paradoxically, it eventually freed me from income anxiety: the chief reason I worked there! So think about your adversity like “weights” in the gym. As you lift and press, your muscles grow. Ask, “Which powers – empathy, curiosity, creativity, courage – must I grow, so I am not upset by this anymore? And when those qualities grow in me, what gifts will I have?” As I grew more muscles to forgive myself and others for moves that outflanked me, I found great power. It led to the rich life I now enjoy as an Executive Coach and CFO Coach, working with private equity-backed companies.

• The Gift of Inspired ACTION. Christopher Reeve, once the embodiment of Superman, became a paraplegic. He could easily have become bitter. Instead, he eventually asked, “How can I turn this into a gift?” He committed to furthering treatments related to spinal cord injuries. Near the end of his life, he could say “I’ve never been happier. I wouldn’t change a thing. My life has far more meaning and purpose.” For him, the awful events paled in comparison to the joys of inspiring so much good.

When you choose to think that anything can be turned into a gift or opportunity, what is there left to fear?!

How a Support Group can Help You Overcome Adversity

by Elyssa and Elisha Fernández


Everyone deals with trials throughout life, but we know that among the obstacles entrepreneurs face, many are overlooked. Mental and physical repercussions are barriers that appear on the career path of an entrepreneur.

We have found that adversity can be overcome effectively by finding or creating a support group with individuals who are facing similar struggles.

As entrepreneurs, we face unique challenges, such as balancing responsibilities, that can overwhelm all of us, no matter our situation.

A support group is a group of people that you know will encourage you, and bring you back to reality if they need to.

Support groups will be different for everyone. It could consist of many people, or a select few, spread across a variety of locations and platforms.

For example, we belong to a support group for Latina women in business. This group is built on a custom website where we are encouraged to ask questions, build relationships with like-minded professionals, and collaborate.

We have been able to find hundreds of people across the many support groups we belong to that always have our best interests at heart, share our passion and drive, and give us valuable feedback.

In times of stress, when everything seems to be going wrong, our support group listens to us and helps us in whatever way they can.

Depression and anxiety are common among entrepreneurs, especially because we are devoted to our work.

Entrepreneurs often feel the need to meet and exceed expectations, sometimes at the cost of our own mental and physical health. We dedicate our time, energy, and creativity to providing quality content for our audience, and work to make a difference.

With a support group, we still face these obstacles, but we know we’re not alone. Through encouraging words, helpful suggestions, and meaningful conversations, we have felt more at ease.

Here are 3 action steps you can take to create your own support group:

1 – Get Out of Your Comfort Zone: Challenge yourself to look in places you normally wouldn’t. Find communities that are already in place where you can reach people who have similar experiences.

2 – Be Authentic: Be vulnerable. It will be hard, but sharing your pain openly makes room for personal growth, and additional validation from others

3 – Find a Platform: Find a way to contact your support group consistently. We love video or voice calls, since they offer a more personal way to connect.

When the Storms of Life Come, Call Upon the Maker of the Rainbow

by Eric Stamps


Life Happens! Everyone has not only heard that statement but experienced the storms of life personally. When facing medical, financial, relational, or other issues, turn to Creator of the rainbow. “I set My rainbow in the clouds and it shall be the covenant between Me and the earth.” Genesis 9:13.

As a debt attorney, I have had the privilege of helping many people who are dealing with financial issues. God tells us in Proverbs 12:15, “the ways of a fool are right in his own eyes, but a wise man listens to counsel.” God also gives us comfort by assuring us that “God goes before you, He will be with you. He will never leave you nor forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:8.

The Corona Virus has brought a new storm in our lives. Fear, illness, and financial difficulties are higher than any other period in our lives. Now, more than ever, we need to seek the Creator of the rainbow in these mighty storms of life.

Let us remember, God will provide your needs. The economy will recover. Most people will experience healing. The fear will subside as normalcy returns. So, from now on, when the storms of life some, look to the Creator of the rainbow and be comforted.

There is Always Opportunity in Adversity

by Tony DeMaio


Looking for opportunity in adversity is a skill that can be honed. Learning to look away from the problem and explore other out of the box solutions is key.

As an ex-football coach, I spent many years in the press box calling plays. One of the hardest things to discipline yourself to do is to look away from where the ball is going and look to see how players on the backside of the play are reacting and what opportunities they give you to run other plays.

Adversity in business can become a catalyst to make you look at other options and maybe develop a different approach to accelerate your progress.

One day as I walked into the office my assistant stood in doorway and gasped, we have a huge problem it’s raining so hard the water is coming through the roof into your office. The opportunity “free rent” yes there was a problem that presented 2 choices. One let it take me out of my game plan for the day and get absorbed into the problem. Two stay focused on what I had planned and see the benefit of free rent.

Be careful of owning the problem don’t focus so much on what won’t work that you can’t see what would work. There are people that can tell you in length why things won’t work. They are experts of what won’t work. They have spent so much time examining what won’t work that they can’t see the solutions.

Put in a difficult situation, one is likely to be inspired to create a novel or ingenious solution.

Necessity is the mother of invention. Changes will always happen; you can fight it and prolong change or embrace change and put it to work for you now.

I founded Big Media USA in 2006 there was no real social media, not many internet users and many people thought the internet was a fad. I never changed my mission of giving people an inexpensive platform to promote their business. I have adjusted the plan many times to keep overcoming challenges. Today Podcasting has become mainstream and we have prevailed by producing over 17,000 quality podcasts.

Embrace adversity don’t get sucked into following the problem. Learn to look away from where the ball is going and see what opportunities are in the other direction.

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