This is the latest incredible news of a young multi-millionaire: Ocean Ooi

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This is the latest incredible news of a young multi-millionaire: Ocean Ooi

June 12
10:57 2020

This is the latest incredible news of a young multi-millionaire: Ocean Ooi, the man who created his own company from Futuro global to Oceans group. Currently, the company has many divisions of, and other businesses that have been created to expand from a single company to a group. The reasons we want to searched on him due to he donated a lot of millions to the worldwide charities especially in this corona virus seasons.


This young entrepreneur is a mysterious, low-profile, multi-millionaire. It can be very difficult to find much information about him, but we do know his company’s website is and Both are quite a success globally and earn large amounts of revenue every month. Research also suggests that he has several businesses from F&B to cars to yachts and many other big businesses.

The Malaysian government and banks, which have inside people who can obtain info for us, have stated that this young multi-millionaire controls several companies, and he is one of the younger multi-millionaires in Malaysia. He is quite successful and has a lot of fans on his Instagram of oceanooi_official and his Facebook profile of Ocean Ooi.

Ocean Ooi is famous not just because of his businesses but also for his philanthropy. Because of his young generosity, he donates a lot of money to orphanages and old folks’ homes. Besides that, we have heard that he bought drinks for his entire team and best friends at his birthday party one night in a bar, spending almost 42K USD in Zouk Malaysia.

In addition, we have also found through reports and our team’s research that he has many properties and supercars and yachts and many other luxury items under his company. The mysterious part is that no one actually knows how he did it or how he manages so many businesses. Also, he is quite low-profile and is very hard to find many details about him through the system from Malaysia or websites. Luckily, we have some connection through the government and banks so that we can find his information. However, the rumors about him are widespread and varied. Some have said he is very close to the Malaysian royal families and that’s why he earns so much. Others said it was because all of his best friends come from the top 20 richest family companies in Malaysia, and some said because his family is wealthy and rich, he uses the money to make more money. The main similarity in these stories seems to be that he has some connection to the wealthy and powerful people around him.

We managed to conduct a few interviews with his friends. A lot of his friends mention that he is generous of temperament, and he always helps his friends and donates a lot of money to societies. One of his high school friend mentioned this to us: “Ocean Ooi is a very nice friend, but I think he is too clever and sometimes I think he is quite a dangerous person but definitely friendly, intelligent and also has some loyal temperament.”

Well, we hope that one day we can get a real interview and get close to him to know all of his secrets. But for now, he rejects all interviews and keeps a low profile in Malaysia of KL & Penang. Because of this, we are left with only research that can be found through friends, contacts, and social media and some connection from Malaysia government and banks, giving this elusive celebrity quite a mysterious air. Many people know this guy as Ocean Ooi, the famous and low-profile young successful multi-millionaire who owns many businesses.

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