Released a New Guide to Show Off Prom Dresses on TikTok

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Released a New Guide to Show Off Prom Dresses on TikTok

June 11
21:40 2020

Prom celebrations in 2020 look very different from how they have every other year since they began. Instead of letting their already-planned-out looks go to waste, teens all over the country are dressing up and sharing their prom looks for their friends and followers on TikTok. Because most proms weren’t canceled until just before they were supposed to be held, most people already have their dresses and suits picked out and paid for. Instead of giving up on your Spring/Summer 2020 prom, why not show off your outfit?

Here’s how you can show off your dream prom dress on TikTok:

  • Take your friends virtual-shopping. If you don’t already have your prom dresses, why get together with your friends and followers to pick them out virtually? It’s the next best thing to actually going shopping with your friends, so document your journey to finding the perfect prom dress! This may involve filming yourself shopping online and can be made into a cute montage at the end!
  • Share the story of how you came to pick your prom dress. Once you’ve picked out your dress, share that too! Did you have it designed just for you? Is it vintage or modern? Did you see a certain style on a celebrity or in a magazine and think that style would look great on you too? If you already have a following on TikTok, they’ll most likely be your age and want to know what everyone else is doing about their prom too! Describe your dress to your followers – talk about its silhouette, material, color and style and how fabulous it makes you feel! Build up the dress! That way, your listeners will create an image in their minds before the big reveal, and you can ask if it was what they were expecting.
  • Film a “get ready with me.” Of course, the dress is the most important part of your prom look, but your hair, make-up, and accessories you choose can really highlight the colors and style. Whether you choose to film a time-lapse of you applying your make-up or a ‘before and after’- style video, it will give your friends and viewers a great idea of how you came to look so amazing before even putting on the dress!
  • Share the big reveal. For many, the most exciting part of prom night is walking down those stairs or into the room and revealing themselves to their friends, family and date. While prom has taken on a different form this year, you can still do this virtually! With your shoes, bag and jewelry already picked out to match your dress, your look is finally complete, so why not add a little drama by filming your outfit reveal? Whether you want to trust a parent or sibling to livestream your dramatic descent down the stairs or give yourself a mini-photo shoot in your bedroom, you should absolutely still have a big reveal! 
  • Recreate the famous Grammys glambot videos. We’ve all seen the stunning videos from the Grammys with Ariana Grande, Dua Lipa and Lady Gaga looking incredibly glamorous and cool. So why not create your own version, and show off your dress in all its slow-motion glory? You can learn how to rig a camera so that it swings just like the Glambot does here. Note: this will likely involve taping a camera or phone to the ceiling, so make sure you have someone to help you with any handiwork if you’re not sure how!

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