New in-vehicle barrier allows ridesharing employees to safely return to work

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New in-vehicle barrier allows ridesharing employees to safely return to work

June 11
21:08 2020

Toronto, ON – June 11, 2020 – Social distancing is everywhere. From our favourite restaurants, doctor’s office, grocery stores, even in our schools. Children, adults and seniors are being encouraged to maintain six feet of distance in order to lessen the spread of COVID-19. But there is one critic component to our daily lives where social distancing simply isn’t an option – our vehicles. Sneeze Guardian has created an ideal and economical solution.

Rideshare drivers have been eager to return to work but with few economical ways of maintaining social distancing within a vehicle, many are concerned about sharing their vehicle with passengers. The Sneeze Guardian barrier is an easy to install hard plastic shield which comes in two sizes, 12’ x 48and 16’ x 54’, for larger vehicles, vans, SUV’s and trucks. The barrier provides a shield which installs just behind the driver and front passenger seats. It is easy to install and uninstall and can be completely removed for deep cleaning and sterilization. For additional protection, a professional quality PVC curtain can also be installed in addition to the Sneeze Guardian’s hard plastic barrier. The Sneeze Guardian barrier conforms to the rules set out by the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission for in-vehicle distancing.

Ron L., CEO of Sneeze Guardian, explains how investing in the in-vehicle barrier pays off for rideshare drivers. “The barrier is a great way to show passengers that you take their health seriously. Taking as many health and safety precautions as possible pays off not only in disease prevention, but in positive reviews from clients who are impressed by a driver going above and beyond to keep them safe. We know that positive reviews lead to more and larger tips. It’s an investment that really pays off from the moment it is installed in the driver’s vehicle.”

With employees returning to the office or the worksite, Fleet services managers and business owners will also be seeking ways to mitigate the transmission of the coronavirus, while still making sure that day-to-day business can carry on. Organizations and businesses have been hard-hit by the economic impacts of the global pandemic. Sneeze Guardian barriers are an economical solution which allow businesses to outfit entire fleets of vehicles without incurring major expense.

“The economy is opening up all around the country and around the world. With the re-opening of restaurants, bars, and offices there will be an increased risk of transmission of COVID-19. Managing that risk will be critical to the economy and to public health. We’re honoured that our product is helping to make rideshare and fleet services safer for drivers, employees and passengers,” says Ron.

The Sneeze Guardian barrier is available from Next day shipping is available to Canada and the United States.

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