Maskiz is live on Indiegogo as the World’s First Portable Mask Sterilizer That Kills COVID by Heating at 70°C

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Maskiz is live on Indiegogo as the World’s First Portable Mask Sterilizer That Kills COVID by Heating at 70°C

June 10
20:45 2020

Maskiz is the world’s first portable mask sterilizing heating wallet. As the shortage of masks continues, our mission is to develop a safe way to properly sterilize face masks, so everyone can use masks safely. Maskiz is made using premium quality faux leather which allows its exterior to be sterilized with alcohol and makes it highly durable, lightweight and effortlessly portable. USB-C type port makes it easy to be charged anywhere, ranging from your power bank to your car charger.

Medical masks are not designed for reuse and under normal circumstances should not be reused. Ideally, we should be changing our face masks every 4~6hours, especially doctors and medical professionals, yet medical resources are still short for even medical professionals.

Littering of used masks, afraid of contamination if they take it home, causing environmental pollution as well as epidemic loopholes. Companies with misplaced ethical values are providing defective medical resources and masks, increasing the risk of infection.

Maskiz will help us lessen the demand of masks so there are more masks available to our frontline warriors i.e. Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics, Cleaning staff, Law enforcement agencies etc. 

It is reported that COVID-19 virus cannot survive over 70°C for 5 minutes.  According to WHO, temperatures of 60°C to 65°C are enough to kill most viruses. In order to ensure that all viruses can be effectively killed, Maskiz (patented) structure seals and heats the face mask evenly, without taking up your oven or electric rice cooker.

Maskiz works in 2 simple steps:

  1. Take off your mask or banknote, fold it and put it in Maskiz.
  2. Plug in a power source into the USB-C port.

The red light starts flashing indicating disinfection is complete. MASKIZ quickly heats the face mask to 70°C* and keeps at a constant temperature for 8 minutes. Your mask or banknote is now safe to take out and ready to use. Just like brand new. The total disinfection time is approximately 15 minutes under 25°C room temperature. It is safe to reuse your mask in only 15 minutes of disinfection time!

Following are the most effective and scientifically proven ways to rid of the COVID-19.

  • UV lights of over 303 μw/cm² for 30 seconds.
  • Heating at over 70°C for 30 minutes. A newest report says 5 mins.
  • Steamer damp heat method.
  • High-pressure high temperature sterilization methods.
  • Spraying alcohol.

Ultraviolet (UV light): The filtration on masks are degraded by UV light because it damages the electrostatic charges in the polypropylene material.  Only UVC is effective for disinfection but is harmful in contact with eyes.

Oven Dry: IMC Beijing concludes that oven–dry disinfection (heating at 70°C) had the least damaging effect on the filtering mechanism, allowing filtration of particles to remain at above 95 percent.  But most convection oven temperature range between 150 to 280 degrees Celsius.

Maskiz: It is designed to heat up to 72°C (takes approximately 4-5 minutes), heats constantly at 72°C for 8 minutes and then the device cools down for 3 minutes. After 3 minutes of cooling, the signal light starts flashing to indicate completion of sterilization, you can open it and take out your mask just like brand new.

Maskiz is the only safe and portable way that sterilizes your masks while keeping the filtration ability of the mask intact at 95%.

General studies of coronaviruses indicate that they can persist for days on hard surfaces, it could be possible to contract the virus by touching a banknote. Coins can be cleaned with soap or alcohol, but not paper money.

Maskiz is capable of disinfecting up-to 3 banknotes in one cycle.

Maskiz has recently launched a campaign on Indiegogo and the backers have a chance to pre-order it at discounted prices and have it delivered within next few weeks.

You can claim your early bird unit here.

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