The Incredible Ahmed Nabli El-Shrkawi (TagMan), Immigration Affairs Expert & Real Estate Investment Consultant

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The Incredible Ahmed Nabli El-Shrkawi (TagMan), Immigration Affairs Expert & Real Estate Investment Consultant

June 10
20:02 2020

With an incredible social media following, Ahmed Nabli El-Shrkawi shares useful information that helps his followers on immigration issues. He has been able to gain one million followers on Instagram over a short period, and it is still growing.


His YouTube videos are very informative, and his followers flock the channel to enrich themselves on information regarding residency laws and immigration to various destinations around the world. He shares factual and actionable information that changes the lives of many people.

He is popularly known as Tagman on his social media channels, a name that many positively associate with. He elaborates various subjects into details, such as how to travel to certain countries smoothly and what is needed. The information he provides regarding the regulations of various countries help his followers to be ready whenever they are traveling. You will note that his followers are appreciative of the comments they leave on his YouTube and Instagram accounts.

Ahmed Nabli El Shrkawi is a master of many trades. He is a Lawyer, businessman, and a renowned consultant on residency laws and immigration affairs. His legal background better places him to be able to understand various laws of foreign countries as well as their regulations. This ensures that he can easily share valuable and actionable information with his followers.

He covers various topics that are of importance to people traveling abroad, such that they can easily transition to foreign countries without any trouble. He provides excellent videos on the fields of health, tourism, education, treatment, and many other systems. This ensures that his followers are well versed in a foreign country that they intend to visit.

It is the clarity and depth of his YouTube videos that make Tagman very popular with his followers. His subscribers are rapidly growing day by day owing to his positive message. People love useful information, and they are always looking for it. Ahmed Nabli El-Shrkawi has mastered the art of providing detailed information that impacts his followers.

His viewership on YouTube is growing at an exponential rate with around 150k subscribers, and the number is growing. He has covered Paris in France, USA, and a host of other videos with rich information regarding what people should know about immigration.

Once you watch Tagman videos, you will be armed with quality information regarding the essential aspects of being an immigrant. He highlights the importance of language as an immigrant in one of his videos. He also points to the significant factors that one should consider when selecting a particular country to visit. All this expert information on immigration affairs is very crucial to anyone considering to venture abroad, either to settle, work, or even as a tourist. He also gives valuable Real Estate Investment advice.

What you expect from Tagman’s YouTube channel is just first class, factual, legal, and actionable information on various immigration issues. He does not beat around the bush, and you will immediately find what you are looking for. His following is projected to keep growing as people look for his valuable information.

He is also a prominent car designer. He has made many scale drawings of cars, even with complete exteriors and interiors.


Visit his YouTube and Instagram Channels for Immigration related issues

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