Modern Found Footage Horror ‘CASE 347’ Receives InDemand Release

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Modern Found Footage Horror ‘CASE 347’ Receives InDemand Release

June 10
23:18 2020
Modern Found Footage Horror ‘CASE 347’ Receives InDemand Release

Disclaimer: This film is based on a collection of recently discovered footage from a CIA archive as a result of the Freedom of Information Act… Everything you are about to see is real…

Los Angeles, CA – June 10, 2020 – Journey through the controversy and conspiracies surrounding aliens, UFOs and alien abductions with ‘CASE 347’, available on InDemand today.

From writer/director Chris Wax’s (Black Box, Irish Eyes) found footage alien-horror, CASE 347, based on a collection of recently discovered footage from a CIA archive as a result of the Freedom of Information Act.

Starring Chris Wax, Maya Stojan (Castle, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), Jason Kropik (Easy A), Edward Finlay (2 Fast 2 Furious, Brooklyn Nine-Nine), two-time award winning actor, Michael Galante (Boy Meets Girl, Switched at Birth) and longtime actress, Krista Allen (Baywatch, Anger Management), CASE 347 follows a team down a paranormal trip to uncover other-worldly conspiracies, until their discoveries take a turn for the worst when the crew starts to disappear one by one.

CASE 347 was nothing short of fascinating,” wrote Horror Shots, adding, “this indie thriller hits a lot of the right notes; the atmosphere, the acting, the premise, and the scares are all there.”

CASE 347 follows psychologist and UFO skeptic, Dr. Mia Jansen (Maya Stojan), and a team of documentary filmmakers who believe that alien abduction claims are forms of “mass hysteria”. Fueled by the unknown disappearance of Mia’s paranoid father – a devout believer in alien conspiracy – the crew uncovers a trove of her father’s case-files, leading them to well-known UFO and alien urban legend locations, like the ET Highway, Area 51 and White Sands National Park. Along their travels, they meet two strangers who provide insight into the “truth of what’s really out there”, sending the team out to New Mexico, where a family is experiencing “signs of abduction”. But when the team arrives, it becomes immediately evident that something dangerous is taking place and it might be too late to turn back now.

“If you’re like me and love ‘found footage’ movies, CASE 347 is a must watch. Especially if you’re a thriller and/or alien buff,” wrote Reel Reviews Over Brews.

Stream CASE 347 on InDemand today. This is their footage:

The star-studded cast continues with Shawn-Caulin Young (True Detective, Heart, Baby!), Michael Monks (The Practice, Garfield), Richard Gillilabd (Airplane II: The Sequel, Dexter), Frantz Turner (The King of Queens, Short Term 12), Kayla Madison (Masters of Sex, Grey’s Anatomy), Julia Vera (The Ridiculous 6, Blow), Johnny Dowers (I’m Here, The Bridge) and Ned Liebl (Cross Wars, The Evil Gene). For press inquiries, please contact [email protected]

CASE 347 (2019, 85 min.) Directed and written by: Chris Wax. Produced by: Jeremy Gilbreath, Melanie Young, Chris Wax, Maya Stojan, Jeff Parshley, Jason Kropik, Winston A. Abalos. Film editor: Mark Newton. Cinematography: Jason Kropik. Original music: Yagmur Kaplan.USA, English. Rotten Whiskey Productions, DarkCoast.

Production Company: Rotten Whiskey Productions.

DarkCoast is a division of TriCoast Entertainment:

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Founded by: Strathford Hamilton and Marcy Levitas Hamilton.

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