Young Lords of Siyah Chan: A Novel of The Ancient Maya

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Young Lords of Siyah Chan: A Novel of The Ancient Maya

June 10
14:24 2020

Joan C Wrenn’s love of historical fiction is there for all to see, and to hear she’s working on the final book in her much-loved trilogy was certainly music to our ears. We spoke to the author to hear what inspires her to write with such passion and detail in a world where a lot of written content is going the other way.

“I’ve always had a passion for learning about ancient ways of life and immersing myself in different cultures. I’ve studied anthropology and had the chance to travel, and it’s something I’m truly thankful for. By learning about the ways different people have lived over the centuries, I feel like I have a connection with them and the world around me. My goal has always been to translate this feeling into fiction so that I can reach out and speak directly to my audience, and bring them a new understanding.

The idea is to introduce the reader to cultures and times that will open their eyes to the nature of the world around them. But what is the author’s favorite period to write about?

“To be honest, I’m interested in many different corners of the world yet this is really not a hard question to answer. My current passion project revolves around the Maya and it’s a body of work that I’m working on right now as it happens. I’ve written the first two parts of a trilogy (Young Lords of Siyah Chan and Unsung Lords of Siyah Chan) and I’m working on the final book as we speak. After a long hiatus, I’ve found a renewed desire to do the work needed to create truly memorable writing.

Wrenn’s approach is unique, guided by her passion for learning new things and reflects the enjoyment she gets from immersing herself in new cultures. With this in mind, how does she decide where to start and end her stories so that they give a true reflection of the period of history she’s writing about?

“I always look for cultural factors that will allow me to introduce a wider story as well as a group of characters that captivate the reader. Picking up a book should be just as exciting as playing a video game, listening to a new album, or going to the movies on release day. The way you create that all-important sense of anticipation is by putting together storylines with many different threads that you can pull on. As the story progresses and the reader becomes more engrossed in the world you’re describing, they simply won’t be able to resist reading just one more page before bed.”

It’s an inspiring way to think about writing and storytelling, and one that’s certainly created some wonderful words along the way.

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