Finance Recovery Platform Helps with Recovery of Funds and Assets in Investment Scams

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Finance Recovery Platform Helps with Recovery of Funds and Assets in Investment Scams

June 09
14:54 2020
Finance Recovery Platform Helps with Recovery of Funds and Assets in Investment Scams

In response to the rising investment scams, stolen funds incidents, and trading frauds on different levels, Finance Recovery has set up a platform to provide recovery and advisory services to victims of such scams. Whether it is a fraudulent credit card transaction, fake advance fee schemes, or a loss of funds on dodgy trading platforms, Finance Recovery has a range of services to cater to individuals seeking solutions and advice on how to recover from being scammed.

Binary Options scams, forex frauds, and brokerage scams, etc. are common occurrences in the trading world. Finance Recovery devises strategies and advises you on how to get money back after being scammed online.

The primary service of the company revolves around Asset Recovery, specifically recovery of funds for clients who have been a victim of investment, trading, and binary options scams. It also involves getting financial institutions to approve credit card chargeback requests wherever applicable. 

Finance Recovery classifies its services or actions into two categories, i.e. Preventative and Corrective. Clients who want to adopt a preventative approach can seek advisory services and counseling sessions on risk mitigation, optimal investment opportunities, and how to avoid financial pitfalls. 

Those, unfortunate, who have already fallen victim to a financial or investment scam, Finance Recovery offers crisis management services through a combination of forensic experts and modern technology. These include recovery of funds and tracking down different payment forms, such as Western Union, Credit Cards, Wire Transfers, MoneyGram, and other digital currencies among others. Through attorneys, the company analyzes claims of scam victims and pursues action against the offending parties, i.e. the investment platforms.

The company also has intelligence teams for tracking underground information related to unregulated binary options’ companies to give more transparency to clients. Through intelligence gathering, they help victims of financial frauds and get insights on the channels used for stealing funds in each case.

About Finance Recovery

Finance Recovery is a fund retrieval platform offering financial chargeback and funds/assets recovery services to victims of monetary and investment scams. These range from trading and Investment scams to brokerage frauds and credit card chargeback approvals. With 800+ clients and 1900+ assets recovered to date, Finance Recovery offers a variety of other related services as well, including risk mitigation consultancy, claims assessment, crisis management, and intelligence gathering on different channels used for stealing funds.

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