The History And Origin Of Palkova: A Time Travel

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The History And Origin Of Palkova: A Time Travel

June 09
02:24 2020
There is a history behind everything! When you come across something, have you ever thought from where it has migrated or how the origin will be?


Palkova, being the topmost in everyone’s favourite, has a history from the time of kings and queens. Palkova was first made at the time of Rajputs who marched from North India to South India. Rajputs are always known for their amazing art in the process of sweet making.


During the 1970s, the White Revolution came into existence and so does the sweet- Palkova. When you come across Srivilliputhur, the next thing that comes to your mind is “Palkova”. The Srivilliputhur Milk Cooperative Society Ltd. and other local dealers started making the sweet since milk production was very rich, then. The people who produced Palkova are known to be the members of the Tirunelveli Halwa family. Palkova reached its fame, visiting the birthplace of the Goddess Andal, the first woman saint who took home the dessert. The famous temple in Srivilliputhur was dedicated to this Goddess. 


Nowadays, Palkova is prepared by adding milk, milk powder or condensed milk. But back in those days, Palkova was made by using the traditional and the healthiest palm sugar, also called as the Panai Vellam and fresh milk. This combination is both healthy and tasty when compared to the former method. Palkova is made in an iron utensil and firewood fuel, which is the most traditional method in preparing.


A G.I is nothing but, the Geographical Indication tag. It specifies the most famous and special item or product in a specific city or district. Registered on 27th February 2003, during September 2009, Tamil Nadu received a new G.I tag for Srivilliputhur – “The Srivilliputhur Palkova”. This tag is valid up to the year 2023.


More than thousands of people who manufacture rely on Palkova. This shows the fame, taste, health and the power to attract people. Apart from the milk society, there are many small and medium scale industries anticipate Palkova. Around 1000 kilograms of Palkova is being prepared and exported from Srivilliputhur. Never betray your tummy without the delicious Palkova after a meal. Next time when you cross Srivilliputhur, never miss tasting the Srivilliputhur Palkova, especially the ‘Srivilliputhur Puliyamarathadi Palkova’.

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