G-Lock Software launches DMARC Analytics for Protecting Email Systems During Covid-19 Crisis

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G-Lock Software launches DMARC Analytics for Protecting Email Systems During Covid-19 Crisis

June 09
02:18 2020
Preventing the threat of phishing and spoofing amid coronavirus pandemic.

It takes years to build a reputation in the competitive business industry, but a cyber incident can ruin it just within a few moments. No matter which niche you are dealing, maintaining solid security over the internet is the prime requirement for every business.

When you are using emails as the main platform to communicate with your teams, partners, employees, and clients, it is important to have a secure and reliable platform. Reports reveal that the threat of phishing and spoofing are rising high amid coronavirus pandemic. So, installing a few security cameras on your stores won’t ensure complete safety for your business. It is equally important to add a layer of security for online mechanisms as well. The idea is to follow advanced control measures to ensure only authorized people can access your email system. DMARC Analytics is designed with the same theme to help you improve your security for email-based conversations online.

Using DMARC Analytics, it becomes easier to prevent unauthorized access on emails so that your brand reputation can stay protected. This mechanism promises enhanced control over your email health while helping you gain more visibility to activities happening behind your back. Experts recommend DMARC as the perfect solution to build a stronger brand reputation in the competitive market. While monitoring all the conversations, it sends warning signals just within five minutes to notify you about any unauthorized activity. It tracks all suspicious activities via SPF and DKIM based authentication mechanism that works even when the email volume spikes high.

When your email system is protected by DMARC, your recipients can easily identify whether they are receiving legitimate company messages or fake ones. Both parties can maintain security for all conversations happening online while preventing theft of bank account, passwords, credit cards and identity. The G-Lock Software platform provides all the reports in a user-friendly format so that necessary actions can be taken on time.

About G-Lock Software:

G-Lock Software is a privately held company serving in a variety of programming environments from the past several years. It is a widely trusted platform for building spam and deliverability testing tools to help the business grow well among rising threats of cyber-crimes. They have created simple and easier to implement a monitoring system for email health improvement that can help businesses to fix all authentication-related problems on time. With a secure and trusted email protection system, it becomes easier to set up a brand impression in the market.

In order to know more about DMARC Analytics, we asked a few relevant questions from professionals at G-Lock Software platform:

Q. How long you are serving businesses with DMARC Analytics, and how well this cybercrime protection system is performing in the market?

A. We introduced DMARC Analytics last year. It has proven to be an effective tool for monitoring the domain configuration and determining breaches in email authentication and security.

Q. Is it convenient to implement DMARC Analytics on any existing email system?

A. Yes, it is quite simple. A user generates a DMARC record using our tool and publishes the record to the DNS of their domain that they use to send emails from. After that, our tool starts receiving DMARC reports and present the data about email authentication in the user’s account.

Q. Does this system require frequent updates to maintain desired performance?

A. Yes, we make regular system updates to maintain a reliable and smooth work of the DMARC Analytics tool.

Media Contact
Company Name: Glocksoft LLC
Contact Person: CEO – Alex Markov
Email: Send Email
Phone: +375 17 336 70 92
Address:34 N FRANKLIN AVE # 687
City: Pinedale
State: WY
Country: United States
Website: https://glockapps.com/dmarc-analyzer/

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