Black On Black Initiative Launches Gofundme Campaign To “Seek Justice For All”

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Black On Black Initiative Launches Gofundme Campaign To “Seek Justice For All”

June 09
02:16 2020
American soon to be non-profit, Black On Black Initiative, announces the launch of a fundraising campaign on Go Fund Me to raise awareness about the supposed ‘injustice’ meted out to the black community

June 9, 2020 – The BOBI, Black On Black Initiative was founded by Eric Perry, a business administrator, strategic planning and finance specialist, and an active member of the Black Community in Denver. The decision to take his equal rights for all advocacy a notch higher and create the Black On Black Initiative was inspired by the recent spate of killings and brutality of black Americans, most prominently, George Floyd. In a similar vein, Eric has launched a campaign on GoFundMe with a target of $20,000 to support this cause and push for a systemic change and a greater America. Every donation that the campaign receives; one mask will be donated courtesy of the Black on Black Initiative (BOBI).

It has not been the easiest times for black Americans, as not only have they been hit by the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic, but also are said to have seen an unprecedented rise in the rumored cases of brutality. The case of George Floyd brought it all to bear, leading to the most significant protests across the US since the demise of Martin Luther King Jr. The protests seem to have affected the black community more adversely, with lots of black-owned assets destroyed, which could create a distraction from the crux of the matter – a transformation of the system. This is where the Black On Black Initiative and the I CAN’T BREATHE campaign are looking to make a difference by championing a collection front to grieve for each scared Black Family in America and share the revolting feeling of the uncertain future of oncoming generations.

The BOBI – Black On Black Initiative aims to help and support the black community and its cause, mobilizing all the sectors of the American society to act on it. The primary goal of the initiative is to drive home the message that being black in America should not be a crime, ultimately fighting to seek justice, equality, socioeconomic balance and support to any people of color, through the promotion of the black population’s rights in private and public places, through advocacy, political information, theoretical production, and other legal and peaceful means possible.

The Black On Black Initiative looks determined to stand up in a pacific way, overflowing the streets, offices, hospitals, public and private places with the supposed message against racism, and the protests predicted to continue every day, everywhere till the desired change is achieved.

For more information about the BOBI and how to be a part of the worthy cause, please visit the fundraising campaign on GoFundMe.

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Company Name: BOBI
Contact Person: Eric Perry
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Phone: 877-200-7402
Country: United States

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