It’s not just Beats and Rhymes, The ‘Coming Home’ Musician Key-C bares his heart and soul with his music

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It’s not just Beats and Rhymes, The ‘Coming Home’ Musician Key-C bares his heart and soul with his music

June 08
17:29 2020

Detroit, Michigan – Key-C has declared that he is not a rapper… Not just a rapper!! His lyrical rap, has meanings, lots of meanings… inspired by life. It’s a way with he’s letting people enter into his world which otherwise he keeps shut for others. Unlike a typical rapper, Key-C has come up with a more varied array of music he produced. He opened up, “I write & design songs. I’m quite witty and diverse but straight to the point with my lyrics. I don’t chase hits I make vibes – my music is versatile – it details the moral the streets have been missing along with all the hardships and wisdom to allow listeners to resonate or be aware so they don’t become a victim.”

His unconventional understanding of the words used for thought-provoking has made his songs much more than just beats and rhymes and compels the audience to reflect sometimes. He has released his latest hit ‘Coming Home’ on May 22, 2020. Jon Wright, an experienced music instrumentalist and vocalist with 20 years of experience has appreciated the newly released single, saying- “His latest single ‘Coming Home’ leading with guitar and thick bass tone stirs listeners’ heart and takes deep into the world that Key-C has masterfully built and offered them an auditory experience like nothing they have ever had before. Awesome vocal delivery by each singer and production effects applied to make them really shine. Key-C’s ‘Coming Homefeels incredibly real in all the best ways – from the core sound to the finished product. He admires all over the singer’s outstanding music, saying “Key-C brings a sound that is in a realm of its own!”

‘The Scarred Remarks’ singer stated,” Overall I want to prevail and bring versatility & creativity showcasing my life as only I see it to rhythm & melody. My music is sort of hip-hop alternative reality rap/EDM — I’ve mastered my style and I don’t want to be in a box — my engineer calls my music “Afflicted Vibe” music. I’m like a stressed flower”. I’ve had highs and lows- I’ve been rich I’ve been poor – I can’t live life in between – all or nothing – I caught my last pistol case, a couple of years ago and – I had to fight that – ever since then I’ve been focusing on my craft – the way the industry has changed as far as promotions & marketing u have to have a foothold or know someone that can get your music to the right audience.”

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